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[Month in review] June 2016

June Month in Review by Esther Noloc and Le Lamb
Photo credits: Nancy Terry

Tree-J Company Tweet
that Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour
called "It's Show Time"
non-members ticket application
is  already for buy online.

Another Tree J company tweet
that the actor Jang Keun Suk left
a message related to his  performance
in the official YouTube channel.

Tree J company tweet again
"Please check the domestic
and   oversea winners
of the ticket on NOTICE
of the official website
tonight at nine
we start accepting
the ticket application
openly online.

Pics of  Jang Keun Suk
in the covers of two magazines
Love Magazine Volume two
and in the cover of KNTV magazine too
both in the month of June.

Jang Keun Suk departed
from Incheon airport Seoul
to Zhuhai via Macau
to attend the  event for Shang Hui.

Pics of  Jang Keun Suk
arriving  at Macau airport
very simple and sport
with black shirt and shorts.

The venue for Shang Hui
15th anniversary in China
was very sensational
and of course  international.

We saw  preview pics
from  SBS drama‘Jackpot
Episode 21 were Jang Keun Suk
stopped Yeoning for not be a bad boy.

Pics of Jang Keun Suk
at Shang Hui International
15th anniversary celebration
were uploaded for us
he looked handsome.

Pics of Jang Keun Suk
departing from Macau airport
to Seoul  Korea, his home
after the event that he was the host.

Preview pics of Daegil
from the twenty -two episode
of SBS drama  Jackpot
he with beard and mustache.

Pics from Daebak  #35 PD note
Daegil  punished again in Jackpot
but his mother Sukbin
was there to show support.

Tree-J sent a tweet
about Jang KeunSuk Asia Tour           
called “It’s Show Time”
Those who failed to apply
or pay by the deadline,
please check the details"

Pics of PD note
number thirty -six this time
were uploaded from the  SBS website
he in mourning clothes and searching for his dad.

Jang  Keun Suk original pic  
was taken in New Zeland
when he filmed the short film

Pics from  PD note
in Korean magazine
They  presented Daegil
style in Daebak
wearing hanboks and hats.

Preview pics of Daebak
episode twenty -three
Yeoning as a king
in front of Daegil.

Pics of  PD note
number thirty -nine
Daegil in SBS website
from the drama ‘Jackpot
very sad for the dead of Dam Seo.

Preview from ‘Daebak’ 
the Episode 24, the last one
so sad that will be end
we will miss the drama a lot.

Pics from PD note
number fourty were uploaded
show Daegil  and the other leads
from SBS website drama ‘Daebak
take a look eels  at the side.

Almost the end of Daebak
And eels have mixture of feeling
Going to miss Baek Dae Gil
Here are the PD note with 
Consolidation of the last few scenes.

Media pics of JKS
arriving to the channel SBS
for the celebration of the end
of 'Daebak' filming /The Royal Gambler.

Dinner celebaration of the end of Daebak
In casual wear, Suk appear looking dashing 
A small smile on his handsome face
Greeting the reporter and fans that waiting.

Cr. stardailynews

Tree-J Co. sent a tweet
a good article about DaeGil
"Jang Jang Keun Suk Inside
,from Eun-ho to Dae-gil
thumbs-up for him"

TreeJ_company sent another tweet
with another article of DaeGil
"The enthusiasm of Jang Keun-Suk
that even bitten a snake
led the drama to succes
thumbs-up forJang Keun Suk "

More tweets from Tree J company
with another article of DaeGil
"Jang Keun Suk who has nothing he can't do,
an actor that always  is  increasing
 thumbs-up for Jang Keun Suk "

We recieved another tweet
sent by Tree J company
"Daebak’ Jang Keun Suk,
a war of nerves against
Jun(In Jwa ) Kwang-ryul 
"will stop the rebellion." ,
Go DaeGil,go,you count with us".

Tree tweet out  a media article
that show praises for Jang Keun Suk
in his acting in Daebak
eels please click on there
and give a comment and  a heart.

Tree-J Company Tweet
about a TV Bookmark
"Daebak" in addition from viewer ratings,
we reevaluate Jang Keun Suk acting"

Tree tree J company
sent another tweet
JKS message Updated
in his official fan base page.

One more Tree J  tweet
about  Jang Keun Suk,
"his short hair has caught
the attention of all"

More tweets from Tree J on media article
Suk is gaining a lot of attention from Daebak ending
And eels are not forgotten  Baek Dae Gil
He posted a message in his Korean Official Fan Site.

We saw a  video Message
sent from the model JKS    
announcing that he will represent  
Qiaodishanghui company brand
in the Orient.

Kiss Kiss Kiss
Flying kisses from Suk in Qiaodishanghui vid
That share on in weibo
Looking so handsome and perfectly.

We also saw some pics
autographed by Sukkie
for the viewers of KNTV
in the character of Dae Gil.

Viewer of KNTV, eels or none eel
Will get a chance to receive
A photo autographed by Sukkie
Just a memorable collection of BaekDae Gil

We saw Sukkie
in the background pic
of Qdsuh official weibo page
with a great smile in it.

Please check out
the beautiful smile
Of suk that has been pin
 as the wallpaper of QiaodiShanghui
Official Weibo page eels.

Another  great article
"Jang Keun Suk’s efforts
for three long  months
for the drama Jackpot"

Three months of daebak filming
Three months of  dedication in acting
Three months of his  efforts,amazing
Can be summarized is one word, Daebak Dae gil!!

Pics of Jang Keun Suk
in his character of Dae-Gil
in the cover of ‘KEJ
Entertainment Journal’ magazine
number one hundred fifteen.

Baek Dae Gil in the cover of
Korea Entertainment Journal magazine
In eel’s eyes, no one wear a hanbok like him
or more handsome and stunning.

Jang Keun Suk wrote
a message wishing
"sincere congratulations"
to "Money Today"
for their 15th anniversary .

A congratulatory message by Suk
To Money Today for their 15th Anniversary
Eels are so happy seeing a new piece
Of suk photos with finger heart.

Still picture of Daebak from PD Note
The end is coming and we can see
the bromance photo of Suk and Jin Goo
 in the mountain in  the last scene
We will miss Daebak very much.

News of Suk’s directed  short movie
promotion photos and information
of "The Great Legacy"
Are posted in Bifan website.
Really proud our master eel.

Daebak OST were released
on the 29 of  June month
I love all the  drama songs
But my special likes is always this piece
“When Time Stop” i really love it.

Endless Summer goods
publish out in JKS Japan
official website, eels will dance
with Suk this summer endlessly, right?

Moscow eels will have
a Happy Moment this time
because the movie “The Happy Life”
chosen to be shown
At the 38th Moscow
International Film Festival.

Yeah!! The start of Asia Tour
called “It’s Show time”
First stop will be in Seoul
and next will be Shenzhen
Check out the news
and put a heart on it.

JKS Asia Tour “It’s Show Time”
Official merchandise goods are out
Eels are talking about the Fanlight
It is huge and looks so luxury that come
With a nice case of course.

Darling darling is such a catchy song
Once you listen to it, it will continue playing in your mind
Don’t get deceive with the picture in the article
You will cry of his cuteness in the music vid.

Cover photos of Darling Darling single album are out
All the eels have tough time selecting the version for
Let’s burn our wallet and buy all the versions.


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