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The Year in Review 2016 - Part 2 (July to December)

The Year in Review by Esther Noloc 2016
Photo Credits: The uploaders
Collages Credits: Nancy Terry


Jang Keun Suk new single CD
the  teaser of "Darling Darling" music vid
were released and he  did
his Asia tour"Its Show Time"
in the city of Seoul in July.

He went to Japan
for the Endless Sumer concert
was in Vogue Korea magazine
with clothes that he will not use again
and a web covered his face
he visited Zikzin shop
and attended BIFAN open talk.

JKS went to Shenzhen for a concert
and Ear Candy reality show begin to air
he talked with some girls who never knew
or not his friends and acted very cute
we saw every part of his home in the show.


In August month is JKS birthday
so he received a lot of cakes
and his korean official fan club Cri J
made a photo exhibition for celebrate.

Endless Summer DVD teaser
were releasedand  the full MV
for his single Darling Darling

Also we saw Qdsuh promotional pics.
His other single "Going Crazy "
visual cover pics were released
and he went to Shanghai
for another Asia tour concert in there.


The teaser of Endless Summer MV
short and full versions were released
and he danced cute  in it.
Endless Summer promotional
decoration were displayed
in some record stores in Japan.

My Ear’s Candy reality show
still in air and Team H 4th album
"Monologue" teaser
also released in September.


Jang Keun Suk hold a Fan meeting
called "Unforgetable Moments"
in Global Leading  Lotte Hotel
for the blue eels that attended.
Team H party " Like a Zombie" single teaser
was out too and Sukkie
looked like a zombie for sure.

He send a video message
for his fan club Cri J 4th anniversary
and Yokohama Japan
have the privilege to have
the Team H party there.

Video link:


Jang Keun Suk went to Macau
to the Macau Film Festival press conference
then the new singles I want you and My wish
cover pics were released
and he appeared in another
cover of Choa magazine.


Jang Keun Suk went to Japan
for the Toki Love fan meeting
and to the Macau Film festival
gran opening also to the after party
and screening of his short films.

The teaser of the single "I want to hug you" was released
also the teaser of the Team H party DVD.

Team H concert in Tokyo was in this month
And we saw him in a video from Line in japanese.
He appeared in Pon! program TV cooking
And was the emcee of the SBS drama awards
happy eels celebrated with him
because he won two awards.

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  1. Surely our Prince had a very busy schedule in 2016.Hope he can get some rest��


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