Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Special Treat:One of the Singers JKS Imitates in 2017 GIFT FMs

Thanks to a Japanese Eel who found this avi (audio) file, we can now compare the voice of one of the singers that JKS imitates during his 2017 GIFT FM in Japan.

While JKS imitates several singers during his Fan Meetings, one of the staples is Fukuyama Masaharu who is very popular and well known in Japan. This audio file (after the talk segment in Japanese) provides the best comparison of his voice to Jang Keun Suk's. Why? Because Fukuyama Masaharu, sings Promise Me from You Are Beautiful.` Of course, the song has been translated into Japanese, but it's clearly Promise Me. Nevertheless, you can clearly hear the difference in their voices and singing styles.

Given the difference in tonality, range and emotional interpretation to the lyrics, JKS must have had a difficult time learning to imitate Fukuyama Masaharu. They're styles could hardly be more different. JKS is far more emotional in his singing. In other words, his interpretation of the lyrics is more emotional as if he actually felt each word.  Moreover, his vocal range, when singing, is wider. His higher notes are higher and his lower notes are lower.

To tone down his natural instincts and emotional response to the lyrics and melody must have been quite a challenge for JKS. Nevertheless, how the two singers approach and interpret a song is significantly different.

Listen for yourself.


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