Friday, March 24, 2017

[Instagram} JKS' LIVE video at Yokohama Day 2 GIFT FM - 2017-03-23

JKS was in a playful mood before the beginning of Day 2 in Yokohama...and it shows!

English translation: Let's play~! Let's play~! (Aso bo~! Aso bo~!)
Big brother, die!!
 Keun-chan!! Keun-chan!!
 That's all! (Ijo deshita!) 
Drink~! Drink~! (Nonde~! Nonde~!)

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LIVE video during Fan Meeting with English & Romanian subtitles
cr: Eels Romania

Written text: JKS IG LIVE at Yokohama venue on day 2 ~
Hello! I’m Jang Keun Suk!!
Today is the last day of my event in Tokyo (Yokohama). Too bad!! But in commemoration of the last day in Tokyo, I’ve got to try hard! Well, hello, everyone!! I will do my best today again~! See you later….


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