Friday, March 17, 2017

[Instagram LIVE] JKS' Day 3 Osaka 2017 GIFT FM LIVE video - 2017-03-16

JKS began Day 3 in Osaka of his 2017 GIFT fan meeting with another Instagram LIVE video broadcast.

Text translation of what JKS said during the LIVE video~~~😍😍😍

Hello, everyone~! Hi, how are you? Hello, I'm JKS. Today I will have the 3rd stage of my fan meeting in Osaka. Today again, before I start the fan meeting, I'm doing this IG live to greet you. As soon as I started this, about 1000? 1300? 1500 people are watching this now. Today again to Orix Hall so many fans came here for me. Everyone, thank you so much~~!! Audiences on the 2nd and 3rd floors, thank you very much~~!! Oh well, this is the final stage in Osaka tonight, so I will do my best. I will come to the next place, Tokyo....Yokahama pretty soon. Please wait for me!! And last but not least, eels who didn't come, no, eels who could not come here tonight, please make sure to (buy and) watch the DVD!! Well, thank you very much, everyone!! Please enjoy the show!!

YouTube video of Instagram LIVE broadcast

Fan Made by Eels Romania with English subs on YouTube:


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