Thursday, March 16, 2017

Osaka Day 2 2017 GIFT Fan Meeting Official tweets - 2017-03-15

Day 2 unleashed a flurry of tweets. [Note: Special thanks to Yayoi Takahashi aka Ya-chan for her translations]

From Tree J:

170315 GIFT OSAKA 2day 장배우는 회의 중! 회의안건 1. 한글교실의 운명은? 2. 가라오케의 압박 3. 기타 등등
English translation: 17035 GIFT OSAKA 2day Actor Jang is in meeting! 1. What will become of the segment of JKS’ Korean lesson? 2. Big pressure of Karaoke on JKS. 3. Lots of other things (i.e. etc.)

とりあえずビール  とりビー! 토리아에즈비루 토리비! 일단은 맥주  일맥?? 장배우가 스스로에게 건네는 GIFT
English translation: Toriaezu Beer  Trying be!  Toriaezu  Toribi! For the first time, drink beer ??  Actor Jang handed you GIFT

English translation: 17035 GIFT OSAKA 2DAY/ Finished the FM/ Wrap it up with Actor Jang/ Big pressure of Karaoke/ Q. What will you sing tomorrow? (Actor Jang wobbles about.)
In the video it seems that JKS is saying, "Thank you for your hard work!"

From Japan Official Fan Club:

@jksjapan 大阪の2日目もメッチャあたたかい応援ありがとうございました! とりビー!😉(とりあえずビール🍺)ㅋ
English translation: Thank you so very much for very warm support on Osaka Day 2 as well. Tori B! (Toriaezu Beer/Start of with beer!) Kk


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