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Review of the 1st Osaka 2017 GIFT Fan Meeting - 2017-03-14

[Special thanks to Yayoi Takashaki (aka Ya-chan) for her running commentary below of the fan meeting.]

At the beginning of the 2017 GIFT Fan Meeting in Osaka, Jang Keun Suk opened his Instagram LIVE, sending a special greeting to Osaka and Eels worldwide. (Posted to The Eels Family blog)

Jang Keun Suk’s crew got things going at the venue in Osaka with lots of posters, flowers, merchandise booths…

cr: Tree J

But this time wasn’t his first at Orix.

cr: Twitter uploaders

The crew had on special T-shirts too, which will be on sale at AP Store soon. Plus, JKS gave everyone candy...and there were plenty of other goodies too.

cr: Twitter Uploaders

Attendees got a distinct impression that JKS produced this fan meeting, which was totally different than the GIFT fan meeting two years ago.  JKS said at the Lotte Valentine FM last month that he had never been much involved in the production of his previous fan meetings, but he had decided to become more involved this year in planning and production of his fan meetings.

Anyway…. For the first 10 minutes of the FM, JKS pretended to be alone in his (hotel) room. He danced MiMiMi which he danced in My Ear's Candy. For his own records, JKS films himself when he is drunk. (Kkkkk) He edited the videos and showed it to eels. At the beginning of each video, he shouted, "Hello! I am JKS!!" He said he didn't remember what he did or said when he was drunk.  Mama Jang laughed a lot to see a drunken JKS in the video.

There seemed to be five segments in FM. And during the fan meeting, JKS walked through the audiences on all the floors, from the 3 to the 1st floor!!

JKS told the audience the he would sing 3 different songs on each stage. He said singing Japanese songs on Karaoke was difficult but he tried very hard. He didn't sing his own songs at all. JKS said he goes to Karaoke several times a week, but he is not good at operating a karaoke machine at all!! At the end of Karaoke segment JKS said, "From tomorrow I want some eels to sing, too, because singing karaoke here alone is so embarrassing!" During this segment, JKS sang 3 songs including Ozaka Yutaka’s I LOVE YOU. Ozaki was a charismatic Japanese singer.

cr: Ozaka Yutaki singing I LOVE YOU

During the Dance segment, JKS danced to Sexy Back. He said, with an embarrassed look, "I'm not gonna perform Sexy Back any more. Whenever I do it, I say to myself this is the last performance of Sexy Back!!" (Seems we’ve heard that before!!!)

JKS plans to release his film, Nelson Dairy, which he filmed in January, 2016, while in Nelson, New Zealand, on his birthday in August when he becomes 30 (in Gregorian years, not Korean age). He said, "Please anticipate it!" and showed a little bit of the movie to the eels at the venue.

JKS said he loves to eat pizza with draft beer but, being on a diet, he has not been drinking.  He added, "Now I'm in Japan. Why not drink Japanese draft beer?" Watching Team H's DVD Monologue and realizing how big he was, he thought it was no good at all to be big. That's why he decided to lose weight. JKS didn't drink for several weeks because of being on a diet, but yesterday he drank three glasses of draft beer after arriving in Japan. After midnight that morning, he suddenly felt like pasta. Though his managers told him not to eat, he ordered room service anyway. JKS said, "After having one bite, I said bye~ bye~ to the pasta. That was exactly the moment I triumphed over the pasta!" (We can all empathize with his weakness for pasta. lol)

JKS said he is quite unhappy that the number of his Instagram (IG) followers has not reached 100,000 yet. In order to make one posting to his IG, he takes about 20 pics! (Is this the main reason why he often deletes and change pics??)  JKS said, "The most embarrassing moment is when I'm informed through an in-ear monitor that my fly's open! Why is my fly open? Because it's big…. Eh? What is big?? Oh, I mean my waist, my hips, or some other parts... lol Anyway being big is better than being small, right?" (Cue roaring laughter; such a naughty boy!)

After the Fan Meeting ended, the Japanese Fan Club, posted this picture, writing, “GIFT 2017 Osaka Day 1 finished.^^* Heart throbbing Exciting Happy White Day” (Hmmm...does the "H" on his sweat shirt stand for "Happy Man"? lol)

cr: Japan Official Fan Club

Meanwhile, Tree-J tweeted this picture of JKS after the show, adding, 170314 OSAKA 1DAY #2017GIFT. After finishing the stage on the first day- (Yeah, he does look happy and satisfied.)

cr: Tree J

Thus did the first GIFT Fan Meet in Osaka came to an end. But, as usual for many Blue Eels, the end of the 2017 GIFT Fan Meet has not come. Many will attend the second and perhaps the third night in Osaka and maybe follow him to his other venues in Yokohama, Fukuoka, and Nagoya.



  1. This is wonderful, Ya-chan! Thanks so very much for always helping us be part of Suk's events! It really means the world to us 😃😃😃😃😃😃

  2. Thanks a lot.💖. Amazing our Prince.👑

  3. Thanks Ya-chan for translating and Kaye Toazen for sharing it with us. It does wonders to us reading about what happened at these events! You are very special to us. We are looking forward to tonight's episode!

  4. I'm so happy for this day! So adorable moment

  5. I'm so happy for this day! So adorable moment

  6. Thanks yo YaChan for translation Like the blog.

  7. Thanks yo YaChan for translation Like the blog.

  8. PS - How can he look so adorable??? You just want to gobble him up!


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