Thursday, March 23, 2017

[Twitter] Day 1 Tokyo GIFT FM Offical Tweets- 2017-03-22

Following the end of Day 1 in Tokyo for the Jang Keun Suk 2017 GIFT Fan Meeting, both Tree J Company and the Japanese Fan Club tweeted the end of 1st day's Fan Meeting and thanked everyone for their support. On a side note, the shirt JKS is wearing in the JOFC photo is the one he wore on stage during his Karaoke segment. The audience became very excited and screamed when he unbottoned the third button on his shirt. Perhaps they were waiting for the fourth button to be unbuttoned?

Regardless, everyone had a really wonderful time, laughed and sang with him...and sang their congratulations to Gun-sama on his upcoming wedding when JKS brought him out on stage. Gun-sama, JKS' long time manager of 12 years, became embarrassed and turned red, according to some eels who attending the fan meeting. Nevertheless, he was very touched, and Tree J hopes that Eels (and other fans) will respect his and the wedding party's privacy on the day of the wedding and stay away.

Still, though, the fan meeting was a great success. The first day of the Tokyo fan meeting lasted three hours, and eels were not ready for it to end. JKS thoroughly entertained them, including giving yet another Hangeul (Korean) language lesson that people use when dating.

Wouldn't we all love to have been there?

@treeJ_companny 170322 GIFT YOKOHAMA 1day 근짱의 첫번째 일본투어, 2010 Where is your star? 마지막 장소 요코하마 파시피코였습니다! FM을 마치고 ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ"
170322 GIFT YOKOHAMA 1day Keun Chan’s first tour 2010 Where is your star? was last held at Yokohama Pacifico! At the end of the FM. 

@_asia_prince_jks 横浜公演1日目終了!! 7年ぶりのパシフィコ横浜。 思い出が蘇りました! 今日も大きな声援ありがとうございました^^* 明日またお会いしましょう~~!!
It is the end of the 1st day in Yokohama performance! Pacifico Yokohama after 7 years, it is! My memory has revived! Thank you very much for your support today. Let’s meet again tomorrow~~!! 


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