Saturday, March 25, 2017

[Twitter] Jang Keun Suk's agency, Tree-J, tweets a Fukuoka memory - 2017-03-24

Although November 2010 was not JKS' first fan meeting to Japan, the "Where is Your Star" tour was his first fan meeting in Fukuoka. At the time, he was filming Mary Stayed Out All Night and was very excited to be able to talk about the drama with his fans. A representative of Jang Geun Suk's agency added, "Ever since we announced the news of his Japanese event, we have been getting countless calls about concert inquiries, and the concerts immediately sold out once tickets became available for sale. Because the server had crashed due to the high traffic, we received numerous calls from fans who were unable to purchase a ticket." They continued, "After holding an emergency meeting, we decided to add on an extra concert in Yokohama, but that was sold out right after ticket sales went open too. We are just really thankful for the tremendous amount of interest."  So returning to Fukuoka carries a very special meaning to JKS.

@treeJ_company GIFT2017! 다음은 장배우 생애 첫 번째 일본투어 2010 Where is your star? 의 첫 번째 장소, 후쿠오카입니다 그 때, 해변의 '사랑해' 모두 기억하고 있을까..? -사진은 새로운 기억으로 남을 어제의 장배우 :) 
English translation: GIFT 2017! Next stages will be in Fukuoka where JKS held the 1st show of his 1st Japan tour “Where is your star?” Do you still remember that “I love you” message written by eels on the beach for JKS? The picture shows Actor Jang yesterday who remains freshly in your memory.


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