Thursday, March 23, 2017

[Twitter] JKS "Shoping" - 2017-03-21

JKS was in the AP Shibuya Shop buying Zikzin Gift Certificates. Wonder who the lucky people are that will receive gift certificates from Asia Prince?

@_asia_prince_jks  Shoping in Zikzin shop😏 

@AP_shibuyashop 本日JKS本人がAPショップへ来店し、 お客様方が書いてくださった メッセージ1つ1つにじっくりと目を通していました! 嬉しいですね♩ 皆様からのメッセージまだまだ 受け付けておりますので APショップ2階でお待ちしてます。 
Today JKS himself came to the AP shop and carefully looked at each message written by customers, one by one! So happy♪ We're still accepting your messages.


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