Friday, March 24, 2017

[Twitter] Tree J Tweets Day 2 Yokohama 2017 GIFT FM - 2017-03-23

A must see are the various tweets Tree-J posted prior to and after the Fan Meeting on the 23rd. They were having fun too, watching JKS play around. 

Tree-J Tweets on Day 2 of the Yokohama 2017 GIFT Fan Meeting:

English translation:
170323 GIFT YOKOHAMA 2days 
He always listens carefully.
He always sees properly.
He hasn't changed from at that time.
Today we thought these again and again.
Eels, our friends, thank you very much.
The picture shows Actor Jang who has finished the fan meeting and turns himself off.

Tree J Tweet before the FM began:
English translation: My Ear”s Prince! Ready to meet? I’m going to meet you now!

Well before the Fan Meeting began:
English translation:INSTA LIVE~ (=^▽^)σ Actor Jang who enjoys playing with eels the most still now as well as 7 years ago! He's getting ready for the fan meeting right now! See you later!‬

Relaxing before the Fan Meeting:
English translation: 170323 GIFT YOKOHAMA Day 2 Actor Jang, trying to say hello from the window, was told, "Don't do that! You were warned not to cause an accident at that time as well." and immediately put his hand down off the window , but.. he's still now doing like this...‬


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