Saturday, April 15, 2017

[Instagram] Jang Keun LIVE on Day 2 in Nagoya -2017-04-14

JKS began his last 2017 GIFT Fan Meeting in Nagoya with another IG LIVE broadcast. He was in a really good and impish mood all day, teasing eels on his SNS accounts, so naturally he carried this mood into the fan meeting.

English translation, cr: Marchneko:
All the people are so happy, and I would like to make today a special day with this final event. With this message we are starting from now.

It’s been 30 seconds [since this IG LIVE started], and 2500 people are watching this!!

I feel sad this is already the final stage, but I have a [business/event?] schedule and various plans in the near future, so please make sure to get together again!!

Let’s have a lot of fun today!

I’m really into this all wet hair style.
Bye bye!!

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