Saturday, April 22, 2017

[Instagram] Jang Keun Suk starts the weekend with some fun -2017-04-21

It seems JKS decided to take Friday afternoon off to enjoy himself. On his IG account, he posted two pictures of his afternoon's activity.

_asia_prince_jks#beer #heaven #bbq 

The beer in the ice chest, pictured above, is a mixture of Hawaiian craft beers, from Kona Brewing Company, and a higher end US beer, Samuel Adams Boston Lager, known for its distinctive red ale color and rich hops flavor. See the variety below:

credit as noted

Once everything was ready - beer chilled, barbecue ready and the table set - JKS posted this second picture of the outdoor patio setting, complete with a linen table cloth, napkin holders, and stemmed glass ware.

_asia_prince_jksIt's #showtime

All in all, just enough information to whet our appetites and make us want to fire up the barbecue for our own Friday evening festivities.



Thank you for sharing with us, Cri!