Friday, April 7, 2017

[Instagram] Jang Keun Suk takes to IG to bid Fukuoka goodbye - 2017-04-06

@_asia_prince_jks#いか #もういいか 
English Translation: # squid 🦑 いか(ika) # l don't want it any more, do l? もういいか(mo o i i ka)
Note: JKS made a pun in Japanese, using いか and もういいか.

English Translation: # (deep) fried food フライは(furai wa) # on Friday, right? フライデーイでしょう?(furai dei desho?) We should eat deep fried food on Friday, right? Note: Here again JKS made a pun in Japanese with フライ and フライデーイ. Japanese say フライデー, not フライデーイ for Friday.

@_asia_prince_jks#byebye #fukuoka ふくおかでふくいっぱいかった😏 
English Translation: #byebye #fukuoka l bought a lot of clothes in Fukuoka.😏

He later added a comment: I spent a lot of money in Fukuoka.
Is Okayama far away from here? I wanna see Mr. Fukuyama.
Note: ls JKS making a pun here? "Fukuyama" made up of "Fukuoka" and "Okayama"????


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  1. Wow! There's some foods I don't dare to try!! 😂😂😂😂😂 I'm just to used to Mexican food. Kkkkk kkkk Glad AP is not on a diet anymore. ❤❤❤beautiful man❤❤❤


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