Sunday, April 30, 2017

[Instagram] Jang Keun Suk's latest smoking device -2017-04-27

It would appear that JKS is still trying to quit smoking...or at least end some of the really negative effects of smoke inhalation. His newest device, IQOS, is widely available in Japan. See below for more information on the product.

_asia_prince_jksついに!!#iqos #new #purple 
English translation: Finally!! #iqos #new #purple

IQOS is a product name for a new device being marketed as a reduced-risk tobacco product by Philip Morris International. IQOS is a so-called heat-not-burn (HNB) product that applies concentrated heat to a leaf tobacco mixture and extracts the contents as vapor. For more product information, this website provides a good explanation.

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