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[Instagram] Jang Keun Suk's Musicology- 2017-04-19

JKS was in a retro music mood when he took to Instagram to share with Eels what he was listening to. Here are his IG posts and the videos to which he refers as well as links to the singers' bios.

_asia_prince_jks#가라오케 #조용필 #꿈 #안녕하세요 #장근석 입니다 #respect 
English translation: #Karoake #jyoungpil #dream #hello #Jang Guen Suk #respect

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This is the video JKS posted on IG. The singer is Cho Yong-pil, considered the Michael Jackson of Korea, is a living legend on the Korean pop scene. He became the first Korean to performe in Carnegie Hall in New York and his Busan concert, in 1993, attracted an audience of 1 million, a record for South Korea.

_asia_prince_jks#구속 하고싶다 네 마음을.. #김종서 
English translation: #I want to restrict your heart #KimJongSeo

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A Beautiful Constraint, also known as Beautiful Restriction, is sung by Kim Jong-seo. He is revered as a legend in the Korean rock music industry. In the late 1980s, Kim Jong-Seo was rock music, personified. Kim's musical talent is undeniable, as he had just the right mix of sensitivity and overriding manliness that his genre of music required and wide vocal range.

_asia_prince_jks사진 한번에 올리는 기능이 있구나.. #후회 #얼빵 #초보 #1988 
English translation: You have the ability to upload [more] photos at once... #regret #stupid #beginner #1988

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The last song JKS noted on his IG account is this one, Hand In Hand. The song, performed by  Koreana, was the official theme song of the Seoul Olympics in 1988. Why JKS chose the caption he did is anyone's guess. Perhaps he chose it because he was still a babe in his mother's arms when the 1988 Seoul Olympics took place...or maybe because the song reminds him being going in hand with his mother throughout his life.Nevertheless, this song became a big hit in Korea because of its association with the Seoul Olympics.


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