Sunday, April 30, 2017

JKS 6th Anniversary of Let Me Cry album release, 2017-04-27

April 27th is the day Let Me Cry was released in Japan six years ago.

This debut album achieved sales of 119,000 in its first week of release and ranked #1 at the top of the Oricon chart, breaking a record that had been held for the previous thirty years. To understand how amazing it is for a solo singer’s debut album to achieve this, one needs to realize that in Japan, only Kondō Masahiko had achieved this success. No other Korean artist had achieved it before. Jang did not expect such good results, and his having done so further reinforced his determination to develop his singing career. As a result of the debut album’s success, he won as “Best New Artist” in the 26th Japan Gold Disc Awards held in January 2012.

In an interview with Non No Magazine in March 2011, Jang said, “In my teens, I ever [sic] thought about whether I could cut an album. At that time, I was still searching for direction as an actor, so I didn’t have much chance. Now, after acting as a singer in my dramas, I thought I could try to be this type of singer and so, I decided to produce my solo album. I remember a line I’ve heard before – Life begins with B and ends with D. B is Birth, C is Choice and D is Death. This means that one is master of one’s life. So I have always been serious in facing the life that I have set for myself. I don’t want to give myself a chance for regrets. But frankly, releasing an album in Japan makes my heart almost jump out… The hit song is Let Me Cry, which represents my passionately burning heart, you must listen to it!”

Recorded live as a promotion video:


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