Sunday, April 16, 2017

[Pics] Jang Keun Suk Self Artist at Nagoya - 2017-04-15

JKS was asked, during Day 2 at Nagoya, to draw himself.

The screen pictured reads: "Master Artist Jang, will you please draw a self-portrait?"
(The 2nd request to JKS in the request segment)

Of course, he complied. "OK! I will draw a self-portrait just like a real artist."

"My face is in a V shape.
I have big eyes and a long nose.
 My mouth is attractive, too.
And with wavy wet hair....
WOW!! This looks just like me!

"Well, today l am with apple hair, so l have to draw my hair like an apple.
 Hmmm, my eyes, nose, and mouth...."

"Oops! (He bursted into a big laughter and added more hair.)
Since l am a artist, l should be wild!!
(Saying this, JKS splashed his drawing with water to make it look real - his favorite "wet" hair."

**NOTE: Special thanks to Tenko (a Blue Eel) for the drawings and descriptions and to Marchneko for the English translations.


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  1. The picture is a weak Prince, but it gets better gradually😊😊😊


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