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[Twitter] Jang Keun Suk Agency remembers Nagoya - 2017-04-13

@treeJ_company170413 GIFT NAGOYA 1days 2년 반만의 나고야! 냉동 장어를 아직도 기억하고 있는 장배우! 냉동 장어가 녹으면 누구보다 뜨겁다는 것도 기억합니다 내일, GIFT 마지막 날! LEZ GO~! 
English translation, cr: Marchneko: Visited Nagoya for the first time in two and a half years!  Actor Jang still remembers Frozen Eels. But he will also remember once Eels are thawed, they are hotter than anyone else. Tomorrow is the final day of GIFT. LEZ GO~!

**Note: The story behind "Frozen Eels" goes back to the 2014 Team H concert in Nagoya. JKS invited an eel up on stage to dance with him. His dancing left eels "frozen" because he appeared to be trying to pick  up the fan. It seems some fans were quite upset.

170413 GIFT NAGOYA 1day
환상의 호흡의 두 사람!
GIFT의 BGM 담당이자 총감독님 &
사과머리가 잘 어울리는 장배우~
그럼 오늘 GIFT에서 만나요!
English translation, cr: Marchneko:
170413 GIFT NAGOYA Day 1
These two guys who have a great chemistry!
General director of GIFT Fan Meeting who is also in charge of BGM & Actor Jang who looks great with apple hair ~
Well, see you later today in GIFT Fan Meeting!


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