Wednesday, April 5, 2017

[Twitter] Jang Keun Suk Fukouka Day 1 Tweets from Tree J -2017-04-04

Let's start with Tree J's earliest tweets as they follow JKS throughout Day 1 of the Fukouka 2017 GIFT Fan Meeting....

treeJ_company 170404 GIFT FUKUOKA 1DAY 대본회의를 하는 장배우! 2년만의 후쿠오카에서는 어떤 GIFT가 만들어질지- 두근두근! 리허설까지 순조롭게 마쳤답니다! 잠시 후에 만나요 : ) 
Eng trans: 170404 GIFT FUKUOKA 1DAY Actor Jang had a meeting on today’s script. What kind of GIFT will be given in Fukouka where he visits for the first time in two years? How exciting! He seems to have gone through the rehearsal smoothly. Well, see you later!

@treeJ_company 170404 GIFT FUKUOKA 1DAY 잠자는 대기실의 프린스는- 
Eng trans: 170404 GIFT FUKUOKA 1DAY sleeping in the waiting room of the Prince- / Prince is sleeping in the backstage waiting room -

@treeJ_company 170404 GIFT FUKUOKA 1DAY 일어나서 인스타를 업로드! 
Eng trans:170404 GIFT FUKUOKA 1DAY He woke up and updated his Instagram.

treeJ_company 170404 GIFT FUKUOKA 1DAY (1) 2010년 장배우의 첫 일본투어 Where is your is your star의 첫 장소! 후쿠오카에서- 그 때는 자신의 곡이 없었고 아는 일본어도 몇 개 없었다 드라마 코너, 팀 H의 노래- 
Eng trans: 170404 GIFT FUKUOKA 1DAY (1) In Fukuoka where Actor Jang had his first stage on his first Japan tour, “Where is your star?” in 2010. At that time, he didn’t have his own songs and he knew only a few Japanese words. He had a drama segment and sang Team H’s songs.

treeJ_company 170404 GIFT FUKUOKA 1DAY (2) 7년이 지난 지금, 장배우는 편한 집에 있는 친구가, 한글교실 선생님이, 시사회의 감독님이, 어워드의 주인공, 고민을 상담해주는 바텐더로, 가라오케에 함께 가 주었습니다 새로운 추억이 생기는 밤. 
Eng trans: 170404 GIFT FUKUOKA 1DAY (2) Seven years have passed and today Actor Jang became a friend of your at your relaxing home, a teacher of Hangeul lessons, a movie director at a premiere, a winner of awards, a bartender you can talk to about your problems, and he also went to karaoke with you. The night when new memories were created.


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