Saturday, April 15, 2017

[Twitter] Jang Keun Suk's Final GIFT to Eels- 2017-04-14

JKS spent two days in Nagoya, enthralling his audience. But on Day 2, he really brought them to him with his humor and sense of fun...and added an important Korean sentence to their vocabulary, "죽을 래", which means, Wanna die! We've all heard him use this phrase many times before when he's teasing eels. As always, JKS made Day 2 in Nagoya an enormous amount of fun for the eels attending. Read what Tree J tweeted to set the mood and later get everyone laughing.


170414 GIFT NAGOYA 2days

장배우는 장어들의 사랑으로
시작부터 촉촉한 스타일입니다!

다들 보고 있나요?

마지막 GIFT를 모두 함께 해주세요
English translation, cr: Marchneko:
170414 GIFT NAGOYA Day 2

Actor Jang is in a wet style from the beginning, being hydrated with eels' love!

Are you watching this?

Let's feel the final GIFT all together!

@treeJ_company170414 GIFT NAGOYA 2days GIFT LAST DAY UNAGI AWARD 베스트 커플! 인하 윤희 / 마테 보통 / 태경 미남 이들을 이긴 최종 우승자는!!! 우나프리 커플!!!!
English translation: 170414 GIFT NAGOYA Day 2 GIFT LAST DAY UNAGI AWARD Best Couple: In Ha - Yoon Hee/ Ma Te - Bo Tong/ Tae Kyeong - Mi Nam. The final winning couple!!! Una - Pri (Eels & Prince)!!!


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  1. It was a fun performance he thought and fans seemed to be all happy!


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