Tuesday, April 4, 2017

[Video] Jang Keun Suk Plays with Eels at Fukuoka Airport -2017-04-04

Jang Keun Suk left Korea today for Fukuoka, Japan, for his next 2017 GIFT Fan Meeting. He was stunning. Wearing torn jeans, a white v-neck t-shirt, a beautiful long silk scarf wrapped around his neck and light pink overcoat, he thrilled all the eels - and the media - that were at Incheon when he took off. His arrival in Fukuoka showed him to be even more stunning. His brilliant smile and shining eyes, combined with a demeanor full of laughter and playfulness, once again enthralled his Japanese fans as well as everyone who watched the video clips of his arrival.

JKS said at the Fan Meetings in Yokohama that he is still trying to figure out what hairstyle he likes on himself. He seems to have decided that he doesn't want his hair brushed down on his forehead and getting in his eyebrows and eyes. He's tried parting his hair in the middle and sweeping it back, but the style he wore today is exceptionally becoming. Moreover, since he lost 8 kg and has been more physically active, he seems to be in high spirits more frequently. His general mood is lighter and happier. One almost expects him to skip and dance across the floor when he's walking. He just seems sprite-like as the following videos show.

While JKS cheerfully walked across through the exit passageway, he encountered a Japanese eel who held a small sign reading, "I'm broadcasting this live ♡
Please say something to eels ♡" He responding by bending down, and saying "Annyeong".

Eels caught this interaction:

And one posted her video clip on YouTube. You can see where he stands upright again, after playing to the camera.

In the playful, cheerful mood he arrived today in Fukuoka, it's nearly guaranteed that the Fan Meeting will filled with fun and laughter.


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