Thursday, May 11, 2017

Jang Keun Suk DOOTA Duty Free Banners in Seoul...and more - 2017-95-10

JKS took a day off. He didn't post to his IG account last evening. But that doesn't mean we don't have interesting tidbits to pass along to you. Well, mostly pictures. So, let's get to it.

First, as you know by now, JKS is an ambassador for DOOTA Duty Free Shops. They're doing a big promotional campaign for their first anniversary and JKS chose to help them as their ambassador. So, in addition to their online campaign, DOOTA has banners situated all around Seoul, announcing their promotional campaign. These are photos of a couple of the signs and banners in Seoul.

You like?

JKS has always been selective about the companies and products he represents. In some cases, he's said he is representing the product or company because he has used the products and personally likes them. In other cases, he's chosen to work on a promotion because the company made an offer he couldn't refuse: part of the profits from sales will go to help poor people around the world. That was the case with Cartier.

Here's the Spanish subbed version of that Cartier CF from YouTube:

But over the last couple of years he has become even more selective so when he does lend his name and image to a promotional campaign, you gotta figure he thinks the product or company is really worthwhile.

Kind of cool, don't you think, that he'll only represent companies or products that he personally believes in? Kind of like when he became the ambassador for Grevin Museum's Van Gogh exhibit.

He chose then to lend his name and to support something he felt was definitely worthwhile as a cultural event for the good of Korea. In other words, using his fame throughout Asia and the world would increase Korea's reputation as an arts and cultural leader.

Anyway, let's help JKS. Sign up on the DOOTA Duty Free website and help score the points needed to make this promotion a success.

Once you'll brought up the site, go to the log in

Next click on the sing up button

Select the foreigners tab and type your surname, given name, and e-mail address. Your names should be typed in capital letters as your passport shows.

Next agree to all the conditions

Then click the next step button

Then, fill in your personal info. You don’t need to fill in all. Just fill in required items.
– ID (It should be more than 4 characters but less than 20. Please check if it’s available, clicking the button)
– password (It should be more than 10 characters but less than 20)
– password confirmation (type the password again)
– your name (It must be automatically shown)
– sex (select ‘Male’ or ‘Female’)
– birth date (choose YYYY MM DD)

Add you
– mobile phone number
– e-mail address (It must be automatically shown)
– request for the information from DOOTA Duty Free (select YES or NO)

Then, click the confirmation button

Then click ok on the confirmation message

When you see the following page, your registration is confirmed. Then, click ‘login’ button.

Login with your ID and password

After you've logged in, you can access the DOOTA Duty Free Birthday Cake event page.

From there, scroll down to the cake section and click the button at the bottom

At that point, you’ll get 2,000 KRW as bonus points.

You’ll receive an additional bonus point(50,000 KRW) after you share this event via SNS (Facebook or Twitter) and the number of the participants reaches to the target by May 31st. You can also show your support by leaving your comment within 100 characters on this link.

credit for registration and log in instructions and translation to Tenshi Akuma.



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