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Jang Keun Suk's Human Time Actor Lee Sung Jae - 2017-06-08

The sixth part of our series on Human Time recounts the career of Lee Sung Jae. He plays the captain of the ship on which all the other characters are stranded. He's a very popular actor among his fellow actors and one who can realistically portray a hero and a evil character. He's the captain of the ship in Human Time.

Lee Sung Jae Filmography

Born in Seoul in 1970, he graduated from Dongguk University with a Theater and Film major. He’s known as a really nice guy and who has a wicked sense of humor. "Lee Sung Jae is an expert at controlling the mood on set with his humor," said Lee Seung Gi. But of all his humor, he’s said he doesn’t want money to control his life. From interviews, it appears he chooses projects he likes and maintains a good balance with his family life. Nevertheless, he’s no slacker when it comes to work. In the 29 plus years he’s been an acting professional, he’s performed in 16 films (Human Time will be his 17th) and 11 dramas.

Lee Sung-jae in a short period rose to become one of the more versatile and popular actors in Korean cinema. After working for a time on TV (his debut was the MBC drama The Love of Two Women), he went on to star in Ghost in Love and then in the hit film, Art Museum By the Zoo. He rose to prominence as the leader of a small group of thugs in one of the biggest box-office hits of the late 1990s, Kim Sang-jin's smash comedy Attack the Gas Station. The success of this movie gave him considerable attention and led to him being offered many more roles. Shortly thereafter he took a role in a very different kind of film, the accomplished black comedy Barking Dogs Never Bite, and his portrayal of a dog-hating lecturer who desperately wants to become a professor received good reviews.

Because he began his career by acting in the romantic film, Art Museum By The Zoo, there was a time when critics said he should play only romantic roles. That's what he was best at. "I may look like a tough guy, but actually I feel that gentle tender roles in romantic comedies are more suitable for me," he said earlier in his career. But once he played Jo Gwan Woong, the the villian Gu Family Book, he became as desirable a villain as a romantic lead.

In 2001, Lee acted in A Day, a drama about a young married couple who wish to have a baby; he then appeared in Kick the Moon, another wildly popular comedy by Kim Sang-jin. Lee also had a memorable turn as the villain in Public Enemy, a hugely successful film by hit director and Cinema Service founder Kang Woo-suk. And in 2004, Lee portrayed a mountain climber in the big-budget adventure/melodrama Ice Rain, which was shot in the Canadian Rockies. He then played a ballroom dancer in Dance with the Wind, Park Jung-woo's directorial debut (Park wrote the screenplay for many of Kim Sang-jin's films). Other notable roles include real-life fugitive Ji Kang-hun in 2006's Holiday, and a sculptor in 2010 3D erotic film Natalie.

Of his films, the most famous probably are Art Museum by the Zoo (1998), Attack the Gas Station (1999), Public Enemy (2002), and Ice Rain (2004), and Holiday (2006). His last film, prior to Human Time was Song of Dreams in 2011.

In the 2011 drama series, Poseidon, Lee Sung Jae plays as Kwon Jung Ryul, team leader of Coast Guard Investigation 9, who lost his wife to criminal. Then, he pursues the leader of the criminal ring Choi Hee Gon with a fighting will in order to investigate and catch him. “After slim down the body, I look like a tough actor, but actually I am more suitable to be a gentle and tender male actor for romantic comedy drama, I hope through Poseidon I can portray a gentle but strong man.”

Among the television series he's starred in include 2008 romantic comedy Lawyers of the Great Republic of Korea, aka Love and Law, a tale about lawyers and their clients, and how the four main characters battle it out over love and money. Then in 2012 he performed in hit cable drama A Wife's Credentials, followed by Gu Family Book, The Suspicious Housekeeper, The King’s Face, Warm & Cozy, Mirror of the Witch, and Jealousy Incarnate.

He won the 1999 Baeksang Art Award, Chunsa Film Art Awards, Grand Bell Awards, Blue Dragon Film Awards for Best New Actor for Art Museum at the Zoo and the 2000 Baeksang Art Awards Popularity Award for Attack the Gas Station.


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