Monday, June 12, 2017

[Twitter] Jang Keun Suk's Official Fan Club sent a message - 2017-06-12

Except for a fan who trespassed on the filming site and caused a disruption in the filming, all has been fairly quiet for the last couple of days from the cast. Busy at work, we presume. Nevertheless, Cri-J has been busy making sure that the cast and crew are taken care of.

JKS_cri_j3[영화서포트] 오늘 점심부터 커피 서포트 시작했습니다! 당초 3일간 서포트 하려했으나 장배우님 촬영이 1일 더 추가되어 4일간 진행합니다! 장어님들께서 보내주신 정성스런 커피가 그 간절한 마음까지 장배우님께 잘 전달되리라 믿습니다 ! 고맙습니다! 
English translation: [Movie Support] Coffee support started today! Originally, we tried to support for 3 days, but we added one more day for the filming of the actor, so we will go for 4 days! We believe that the sincere coffee sent from Eels will be delivered to the great actors! Thank you!

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