Saturday, June 24, 2017

[video] Jang Keun Suk memories III - 2017-06-24

Yes, we're still strolling down memory lane in anticipation of JKS' Cri Show Rockumentary which begins on July 1 in Osaka and ends July 5 in Yokohama.  See details here. Anyway, let's get ready for the big show by taking a look at some of the published videos from previous Cri Shows.

The 2011 Cri Show - the first Cri Show - in Tokyo Dome was held on November 26, with all of the seats in the large stadium packed with 45,000 Japanese fans. “I’m holding my very own concert at the Tokyo Dome three years after holding my very first fan meet in Japan in 2008. I’ve always loved Japanese modern rock since I was little, and it’s been my dream since middle school to perform at the Tokyo Dome. It feels invigorating to have finally made it,” the actor explained in his interview at the Ginza K Place.

He invested $4.8 million USD and brought in two 20m cranes to be able to reach his fans watching from the third floor. “The point of my concert is to show my dream of becoming a prince and the castle I wish to live in, and the actualization of that dream. I planned a show that I could enjoy with all of my fans. I have a bit of a sadist personality, where I find joy in messing with others… (laughter). I don’t think Japan has seen such a character yet. As long as it doesn’t interfere with others, I just want to have fun and be honest. Being forced to do something I don’t want to do doesn’t sit well with me.” Continuing, he added, “I only have songs that I personally sang in the line-up because as an artist, I think it’s important to sing your own songs.”

Regarding how JKS was viewed then by most people in Japan, a middle-aged male fan said, “Foreign singers usually concentrate on their songs, but it was impressive how Jang Keun Suk prepared a lot of different and fun things and conversed with his fans.” He also showed his affection for Jang, saying, “If my daughter says she’ll get married [to him], I’ll happily give her my permission.” As his fans mentioned, Jang prepared the event in order to communicate with his fans. He hosted the four hour concert entirely in Japanese, and he knew what would push which button for his local fans, touching their hearts or making them laugh along with him.

He sang his first Japanese single Let Me Cry and followed it with Please Look After My Bus, Hello Hello, My Precious, and songs from his drama Mary Stayed Out All Night. Additionally, as he often does still, he also answered questions from his fans.

So, let's get started with this James Bond-like teaser video JKS filmed to get Eels excited about Cri Show I.

Like that? Fun isn't it. Maybe someday our Actor Jang will film a secret agent thriller along these lines. How cool would that be!?!

In Thailand as elsewhere in Asia where he took the Cri Show I, he wowed his audience with his energy and charisma. No wonder he, in fact, became Asia's Prince.


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