Tuesday, June 27, 2017

[video] Jang Keun Suk memories VI - 2017-06-27

With Cri Show III, JKS departed from his elaborate and expensive stage set. Eschewing long runways and marked by cranes flying high over the audience of his previous Cri Shows, he chose a simple traditional stage set up. Gone were the elaborate stage settings and costumes and dancers for the first segment.

He described Cri Show III as a more analogue show, referring to concert stages of decades previous that, for all the performer's distance on stage from the audience, evoked a more intimate and personal feeling. Yet, he still employed digital imagery to its maximum appeal, eliciting a warmth and subtle closeness with his audience. Reaching back decades, he employed black & white and duotone videos, emphasizing his Monochrome album's theme, that subconsciously hearkened back to a simpler, less complex time...and for many perhaps, a more loving time. With Cri Show III, the focus became the songs rather than the elaborate entertainment. In in this, he succeeded magnificently.

It was a masterful stroke of genius...one that no one else has yet to replicate to such great effect.

During the second set, he brought on the dancers and sang songs from earlier albums.

But it was the third set that really showed off his talent. After this following song, he came back in on the floor and ran around the bottom floor while singing this song again. No once did he miss a note or go off key. Only when he returned to the stage did he have to stop to catch his breathe.


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