Monday, July 17, 2017

[Announcement] Jang Keun Suk gives away his kisses - 2017-07-17

Collecte de Zinzin and the Zikzin Shop began a new summer promotion even before the 2017 GIFT Fan Meetings had concluded. Initially, JKS kissed a variety of cards that were sold as part of the promotion for the GIFT Fan Meetings. The theme coincides with - or is a take off of - the graphic theme of the 2017 GIFT Fan Meetings and goes well beyond it.

Thus, the began the idea for the summer promotion campaign...

Collecte de Zikzin initially wrote:

"Starting today we will pass out flyers which give notice of our upcoming summer project! Using the photos which were posted on SNS the other day, the flyer will show you how this summer project had been prepared!!
Flyers are in a limited quantity.
Please do get one and take a look!
Hot summer is coming knocking on the door of Zikzin Shop!!

"We distribute the summer project notice flyer today! Look for the summer project was uploaded on SNS recently posted with pictures! Flyer will be finish lasts. View please come and pick it up! Zikzin shop limited is when summer is coming!"
As Collecte de Zikzin wrote, "Behind the fan meetings, one project was underway. At the Osaka venue, JKS was kissing paper cards for some reason.

"Ah! In Yokohama, too!"
"Oh? In Fukouka, again?"
"Really? In Nagoya, as well?"
"What on earth are these...?"

However, the promotion, showing JKS’ kisses, was expanded beyond the Fan Meetings to include a variety of promotional items.

The shop tweeted, "Starting on Saturday, July 15, on the first floor of the Zikzin building, we will give our Instagram followers our limited business cards! Please indicate the screen of your cellphone, showing us you are following Collecte de Zikzin.

"Since we would like to give the cards to as many customers as possible, you can get only one card per day. If you haven't followed us yet, please follow us and get the card!"

The promotion apparently proved so unique and desirable that it has been extended to include JKS’ birthday carnival. See what the shop is doing?

First, a banner in the Zikzin shop to celebrate JKS' 30th birthday.

And then...his birthday! Adorable, right?

Looking forward to what comes next to celebrate Jang Kuen Suk's big 30th birthday? So are we!


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