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[article] Jang Keun Suk's Human Time announces filming wrap up - 2017-07-03

Although we don't have anyone right now who can accurately translate Hanguel into English, this translation is fairly accurate. Hope you enjoy this Seoul Economic Daily article, posted on Naver, about the wrap up of "Human Time" which stars Jang Keun Suk among several other leading actors.

Seoul Economic Daily
translation: Kaye Taozen

‘From Jang Keun Suk to Ahn Sung Ki”…Kim Ki Duk’s new work ‘Human Time crackup (official position)

Kim Ki-duk’s new movie ‘Human Time’ finished shooting safely.

On the 3rd, Kim Ki Duk Films released a group photo taken by Kim Ki-duk and the actors on the last day together with the news of the crackup. [Edit note: crackup as as another word of filming completion.)

The news of the crackup was announced on the third official announcement of the the movie ‘Human Time’ on Kim Ki Due Film, and the news of the confirmation of casting in May and the news during the shooting in June.

The movie ‘Human Time’ is a story about people of various ages and occupations traveling in a warship. It is a film showing various human desires beyond morality and ethics in the warship.

Actors Ahn Ji Hye, Ahn Sung Ki, Fujii Mina, Jang Keun Suk, Ryu Seung Bum, Lee Sung Jae starred and set the breathing. [Edit Note: breathing might mean tone, tempo, or atmosphere. I don’t know/]

Now, Kim Ki-duk’s film will go into the post-production process such as the editing process of the photographed images.

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  1. I wait for the presentation of the film excitedly and congratulations


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