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[review] Jang Keun Suk sets audience afire - 2017-07-02

Twitter was on fire with praise for Jang Keun Suk's CRISHOW ROCKUMENTARY, his appearance and his performance. Of course, it was almost all in Japanese, making translating a very slow process. But let's start at the beginning.

First, Jang Keun Suk went to a GACKT performance the night before. If you remember from the 2017 GIFT Fan Meetings, JKS performed a couple of GACKT songs - essentially imitating GACKT. Anyway, GACKT met JKS and wrote on his ameblo blog about JKS coming to his show. He wrote that he and JKS went out for drinks and talked. He also said JKS was very dark (tanned) and that JKS asked him to come to his concert. Lastly, he wrote that JKS was a very good and nice guy.

Outside Osaka Jo Hall in the Osaka Castle Park, thousands of Eels lined up from early in the morning, waiting for the show to begin.

Knowing everyone was waiting for him, JKS posted a picture of his legs (while in the car) on his instagram account. On his lap is the L'inoui bag he had at the airport.

Finally, in the afternoon, Jang Keun Suk arrived...

Inside the hall, masses of bouquets awaited his arrival.

Following his arrival at Osaka Jo Hall, JKS went in to rehearsal. Tree J tweeted about it.

treeJ_company 170701 ROCKUMENTARY OSAKA 1day 두근두근! 리허설 현장! 사진은 더 분발하겠습니다... 장배우는 리허설 영상 확인 한국에서 피팅한 의상 점검 지금은 연습한 음원을 듣고 있는 중! 공연 때 만나요! 
English translation: 170701 ROCKKUMENTARY OSAKA DAY 1 Excited! Rehearsal scene! Take pictures of the hard work of actor Jang, confirming the rehearsal video, then checking the clothes tried in South Korea, and now is listening to the practice songs! See you at the show!

Outside the hall, the booths opened up for sales with Eels lined up to eager to purchase as well as get their Voyage raw picture to see if they'd be the lucky ones to get to attend JKS' after show Meet and Greet.

Finally, the doors opened and Eels piled in, filling the massive hall.

Now, of course, we really can't show you any more pictures of inside the Hall or of the concert itself. That's against all the rules. But we can show you these streamers which rain down on the eels closest to the stage during the performance.

While Eels were busy finding their seats and getting settled, the Official Japan Fan Club tweeted a picture of Jang Keun Suk in his costume for the first set. The show was broken up into four sets, but more on that later.

jksjapan CRISHOW ROCKUMENTARYがはじまりました!王子様とスニ🤴🐶 今回の公演でたくさんの思い出が蘇るのではないでしょうか? 大阪、横浜まだまだ盛り上がりましょう!!^ㅇ^!! 
English translation (machine): CRISHOW ROCKUMENTARY has begun! The Prince and Suni 🤴🐶 revived many memories with you? Osaka and Yokohama still interesting! ^ㅇ^!!

It looks a lot like his original costume from CriShow I, doesn't it. But it's not exactly the same. See.

Here's the difference?

Speaking of his costumes, one Eel drew rough pictures of his costumes for the four sets. They're organized left to right for the four Cri Shows. Yes, those are feathers on his last costume.

Now, try imagine being there. All the lights, the video playing behind the stage, and JKS on the elongated, raised stage that reaches out to the furthest end of ground floor. Here is what it looked like as drawn by a Japanese Eel.

Oh, and we must not forget this one showing his tour around the floor!

General comments were that he looked extremely handsome, very slender, very tanned, and that he sang extremely well. Also, during an interview portion, he spoke in Hangeul rather than Japanese. Significant? Who knows. Nevertheless, it was a show to beat all shows. Reminiscent of all his previous Cri Shows, yet so much better. Here's a picture of his song list so you can get an idea of the progression of the show.

Finally, after 2.5 hours, the show came to an end.

treeJ_company 170701 ROCKUMENTARY OSAKA 1day 공연을 마치고 한참을 스탭들과 회의하는 JKS 락큐멘터리는 함께 했던 시간들을 돌아보고 새로운 여행을 예고하는 시간 지켜 보는 것만으로도 마음이 젖어들었습니다 
English translation: [Edit. Note: not a perfect translation] 170701 ROCKUMENTARY OSAKA DAY 1 After completing the performance, Rocumentary came to an end. JKS was so touched by watching all the times we were together and watching the time for a new trip.

However, Akiyama and his mother were in the audience and met with JKS after the show. Akiyama wrote about it on this blog, calling the show "Gift chills" as he considered attending the show a gift for his own birthday. JKS took a picture of himself with Akiyama's mother. sweet!

As always, after one of Jang Keun Suk's show, Eels went out to eat and celebrate together.

But the party isn't over yet. Three more shows to go before CRISHOW ROCKUMENTARY comes to an end. See you after the next one.

[Note: all photographs used belong to their various owners and not to TEF. We are grateful for all the photos posted publicly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and blogs. Thank you all.]


  1. This is a perfectly wonderful summary! Thank you so much for compiling all of these scattered bits together fir us. I'm already looking forward to the dvd!

    1. Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. The DVD will be put in September.

  2. Thank you very much. My heart is bleeding ,how I may not be there, but the dvd is being made, and that's great.

  3. Thank you so much for this complete summary, I appreciate a lot 👏


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