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[Photos] Jang Keun Suk's CRISHOW ROCKUMENTARY Yokohama Day 2 in Photos & Praise - 2017-07-07

We've already learned just about all there is to know about CRISHOW ROCKUMENTARY, at least all that's been published until the DVD comes out in October. So, for the second day of ROCKUMENTARY in Yokohama, let's take a look at all the pictures that everyone posted.  Then we'll finish up with two videos.

First is a tweet from Tree J. This photo was taken prior to the show.

170705 ROCKUMENTARY YOKOHAMA 2day 락큐멘터리 마지막 날! BOSS는 모두의 응원으로 지금까지 왔다는 말을 했습니다 감사합니다!! 같은 하늘 아래 우나기!! 우리는 한 팀! 앞으로도 함께 LEZ GO! (사진은 셀카!)
English translation: 170705 ROCUKUMENTARY YOKOHAMA Day 2 Rockumentary last day! Thank for you saying the BOSS has comes to support everyone so far!! Under the same sky! We are a team! Going forward with LEZ GO! (The picture is a selfie!)

Then the photos flooded in from everywhere...

And, of course,  Koari published three photos from the show for their first article...

As well as publishing the song list in their second article on the show.

[set list]
1. Hello Hello
2. Oh! My Darling!
3. My Precious
4. Ruling planet
5. Crazy Crazy Crazy
6. Always Close to you
7. Let Me Cry
8. 200 Miles
9. Wind
10. Alarm clock does not ring
11. Sky and You
12. Go Back Sweet Home
13. For you ~ reason I hold on
14. Darling Darling
15. Voyage
- Encore -
EN1 Bye Bye Bye
EN2 Melody we create together

As well as Nikkon Sports...

And Ranking Box (another Japanese publication) and Koari published even more photos.

After the show, JKS' Official Fan Club tweeted:
ついにCRISHOW ROCKUMENTARY最後の公演♩ 最後まで親分と一緒に全力で盛り上がりましょう~~^^*
English translation: Finally the CHRISOW ROCKUMENTARY last performance. Let's get excited with all your strength together with your boss until the end ~~

Then the dancers, one after the other, tweeted photos of the dance team, with and without Keun Suk,  and of the entire staff - dancers, band, backstage staff, and everyone else - who worked so hard on the shows.

The horn players - a trumpet and two saxophones JKS hired in Japan -  joined in praising Keun Suk as the best performer in their experience and knowledge.

The nicest compliment from the band to Keun Suk came from the band master. He said that he had worked with a lot of singers, but Kuen Suk's shows were the best. When asked why he thought that, he said it was because of the audience. They were so engaged and created atmosphere was great, warm, and lively.

However, for anyone who knows something about Keun Suk's professional musical career, the ultimate compliment comes from his former Music Director, whom JKS hired during Mary Marry Me, Chul Ho Choi. Choi is the man who literally taught Keun Suk how to be the singer he is today.

"I forgot for a while
Our bonds…our memories…
But, as if something hot started blowing out my heart
My body got stronger…
We are still connected with the red thread of our ties."

Akiyama came to the last show with a friend or business associate of his. After the show, they met with JKS and took a couple of photos. Akiyama said, "Nice coat."

On Thursday morning, following the last show, Mezamashi Aqua, a Japanese TV show that's featured JKS earlier this year, broadcast a story on the show.

One of his new songs...

And finally Keun Chang himself, promoting his new album.

"THE CRISHOW ROCKUMENTARY DVD & PHOTOBOOK" 2017 October 25 (Wednesday) Release decision!
[DVD details]
DISC1 Yokohama Arena day 2 performances 
DISC2 Official Making the video and Osaka and Yokohama performances digest
original package specification / film photo card set / Original privilege enclosing planned
price 6,980 yen (tax included)

[PHOTOBOOK details]
select from the material of all four performances!
A4 size / 28P / full-color
price 2,160 yen (tax included)



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