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[review] Jang Keun stole hearts & brought tears to Eels on Osaka Day 2 - 2017-07-03

Day 2 in Osaka was cloudy, hot, and humid. Eels poured into the Osaka Jo Hall area by the thousands in the early day to watch Jang Keun Suk take the stage again. The concert began a 3 pm, rather than the usual 6 pm or later.

They also crowded along the road, awaiting JKS' arrival.

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Preparing for the concert....

After his arrival, Jang Keun Suk began Day 2 with an instagram photo to set a high spirited, light-hearted mood. He's so funny!

And Big Brother left him a comment: "Who is this?"
BB loves to joke around too. Kkkk

Meanwhile, Tree J tweeted...

treeJ_company 170702 ROCKUMENTARY OSAKA 2day 리허설 현장입니다! 너무나 더운 날씨! 장어친구들은 무사하신거죠? 곧 만나요!! 
English translation: 170702 ROCKUMENTARY OSAKA Day 2 This is a rehearsal site! It is so hot today! Eels, are you OK? See you later !!

Even Withus (Kim Yong Hyun) added to the day's celebratory tone with his Instagram post.

withus.k Osaka concert 2nd. #lezgo 

He even showed us his stage pass. Bet he'll keep that around for a long time!

Following the rehearsal, the band took a break and went outside...but the heat really got to them.

junyong.quak#오늘은 #오사카성 에서 #드럼 #연주!
#리허설 끝내고 잠깐 나갔다가 진짜 너무 너무 더워서 #오기록 이랑 #사진 만 찍고 들어옴.
#정희 랑 왔음 좋았을텐데 
English translation: #Today #In Osaka Jo #Drum #Play! #After rehearsal, I went out for a while and it was really too hot #With Oh Gi Lok #Just took a photo

The show begins...

Finally, the doors opened. The audience crowded in to find their seats. At last, the concert began.

The Show begins...

The band was ready to go!

junyong.quak오늘의 셋
#일본 #오사카 #드럼 #드러머 #콘서트 #연주 #열일 #음메 #데일리 #감사 #일상 #drum #drums #drumset #osaka #vater #stick 
English translation: #Japan #Osaka #Drum #Concert #Play #10 Days #Sound #Daily #Thanks #Daily life #drum #drums #drumset #osaka #vater #stick

As on Day 1, the concert was broken up into four sets. The first set was all about Cri Show 1, the second set was Cri Show 2, the third was Cri Show 3, and the last set was entitled JKS' Cruise. Apparently, for the first and second sets, he wore the same costumes as on Day 1. He even brought the carriage  he used in Cri Show 1.

Cri Show 1

You can see how similar yet different his new costume is to the one he wore in Cri Show 2?

For the last two set, JKS changed his costumes from Day 1. An Eel in the audience drew sketches of his clothes for these two sets.

The stage, too, is quite unique. The center of the stage there is platform that looks like a circular plate. That plate revolves around 360 degrees. Scroll up at the photos of the stage previously added. You can see the outline of the circular platform or plate as well as a donut design. That donut shaped plate turned around in a circle. So, as JKS was singing, while sitting on the bench (see the photo below), the circular platform revolved around so both he and the entire audience can see each other.

As always, Jang Keun Suk's' concerts are like no other shows. With his vivid imagination, he sees interestingly possibilities that no other singer or performer dares. Always, he always makes us marvel at his ideas...some of which are totally frightening.

Cri Show 1

In Cri Show 1, he dared to hang by a wire and fly through the air. He did the same in CRISHOW ROCKUMENTARY. For a guy who says he afraid of heights, he's mighty daring! 

Here's an eel's drawing of Keun Suk looked liked flying through the air. Yikes!!!

Overall, the comments on Twitter by attendees were beyond favorable. Some said it was the best Cri Show ever. Much better than all the previous Cri Shows. Plus, they were touched by his maturity (how much he had matured in his presentation and singing) from Cri Show 2. They thought he was a genius and that he was way too cool.

Apparently the screen at the back of stage showed videos of the three Cri Shows, each in it's turn as JKS, then, went live with his new show. He didn't just recreate the old Cri Shows, he made each segment or set corresponding to each Cri Show even better. The audience loved him!

He sang 15 songs at each Osaka performance. Again, during the second show, he was interviewed and answered in Hangeul. The audience considered him a “blonde, funny fellow”. The blonde may be new, but Eels have always known he is very funny. He has an amazingly pointed and dry, quick wit that sparks gales of laughter. Very few entertainers, or even comedians, are capable of responding quickly with a statement that provokes laughter the way he does. And Osaka experienced his wit once again. They loved him!

At some point during or near the end of the concert Jang Keun Suk remarked, “Everyone, you're listening to Voyage for the first time, don't you think?” He added, “I heard it for the first time. I hear it again one more time. Look at the lyrics of Voyage firmly and feel my message that goes from Jang Keun Suk to eels."

Although those of us who did not attend the CRISHOW ROCKUMENTARY haven't heard Voyage, it appears from what he and others said that the album is a complete departure from previous albums in style and texture. With his album, he seems to have wanted to show a more mature side of his singing and his choice in the songs he records.

“It’s not bad to get older, and I hope to continue our growing together.”


Finally the end came...and everyone said goodbye.

withus.k후쿠선장과 순이는 오늘도 즐거웠다!‬
‪Osaka bye👋 bye👋 bye👋
#장근석 #japan #tour #concert #END 
English translation: Captain Fuku and Suni today enjoyed it!

Backstage, Jang Keun Suk busily signed posters.

OSAKA 2day

공연이 끝나고
특별한 말은 하지 않았지만
어떤 기분일지 알 수 있었습니다

진지하게 싸인하는 모습을 보면서요

락큐멘터리를 완성시켜준
지금까지의 모든 우나기친구들
English translation: 170702 ROCKUMENTARY OSAKA 2day After the performance, he did not say anything special. We could see how he felt. Looking at the sincere signing. He completed the Rockumentary. To all eel friends up to now, thank you!

One of the people to receive a signed poster was the Group CEO of the company supplying studio and stage rental equipment and promotional decorations, we gather from their website, that JKS apparently used once again.

jonyonsu #チャン・グンソク
English translation: # Jang Keun Suk
#Osakajo Hall
#July 2
#Participant’s seat
#Directing was really cool
#Jang Keun Suk who is thinking about all this is amazing
#Autographed (water brother Kkkk)
#URIZIP will carefully decorate Korean cuisine.
#Thank you for your signature
 #Good luck with Yokohama
#I always support you.

Time to go home....

TBS, a paid TV channel in Japan, sent JKS a congratulatory Tweet...

@tbschannel大阪公演2日目の収録大成功です!グンちゃんとファンの皆さんと一緒につくった感動のライブ♡歌もトークもダンスも最高♪皆さんの大好きなアップ多め♡で編集がんばりますっ! 8月26日(土)OAお楽しみにね(*゚▽゚*) #チャン・グンソク 
English translation: The second day of Osaka performance is a great success. Impressed live made with Gun and fans (heart) The best singing, talking and dancing. I will do my best with everyone’s favorite ups and ups (heart)! August 26 (Sat) OA Please look forward to it

The uncut Osaka Show to be broadcast on TBS in August 26 at 8:30 pm Japan time.

Finally, the crew packed everything up to begin moving it all to Yokohama for the final two shows.

Not to be forgotten, the DVD for Rockumentary will be released on October 25, 2017
Pre-order starts on July 5, 2017

'Til we meet again...

Good bye, Osaka! Hello, Yokohama!!!



  1. Thank you very much the this means a report to me a lot.I am spiritually there only.JKS a special man, fantastic his work,I admire him always.

  2. I really want to thank to you for this great resume, I always support JKS with all my hard and hope to have the opportunity to be in person some day meanwhile thank to all you again for giving us happiness 😊


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