Friday, July 28, 2017

[Video] Jang Keun Suk's "Human Time" noticed in English speaking media - 2017-07-27

Now for a fun post.

We all know that JKS appears in Kim Ki Duk's latest movie, Human Time. However, the English speaking media just seems to be catching on to that fact. This company, GENERAL NEWS 365 DAYS, states that it's based in Korea...although that's hard to believe given the pronunciation of the names. Nevertheless, in it's video announcement of Human Time, it provides an accurate portrayal of the script and JKS' reason for choosing to act in the movie.

This is the movie that JKS said he was concerned his Eels would be uncomfortable watching because he plays such a different character than they are used to seeing him portray. However, he told Eels that he believed he had to go his own way and do what he believed was right for his career.

He's correct. This film could make him a major, worldwide star as well as showing that he's a far more capable and talented actor than just a good looking romantic comedy actor they're used to seeing.

We wish him, Kim Ki Duk and all the actors in the film much success...and let's hope to see them all walking the red carpet at the next Venice Film Festival where many expect the film to premiere.


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