Friday, July 14, 2017

[video] Jang Keun Suk's CRISHOW ROCKUMENTARY Wow's music reviewers - 2017-07-14

This is a video clip that we've avoided posting previously for legal, copyright reasons, but it's making its' way around the Eels network. So maybe if you grab it quickly, you can continue to enjoy it.

The promotion video is from M-ON, an Japanese internet music video company. The video clip is from CRISHOW ROCKUMENTARY. Admittedly, it's the best audio we've yet heard of the show.

This video doesn't grab your attention and make you want to purchase the DVD...well, we just don't know what to say.  Jang Keun Suk gives the best performance of his entire career, according to every music reviewer of the show.

Have you bought you DVD yet?

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  1. Tokyoból the dvd and the CD bring it to me in November already very much I wait for it.


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