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[news] Jang Keun Suk Day 1 Yokohama seduces audience - 2017-07-04

Where to begin today?

On the date of Jang Keun Suk’s first CRISHOW ROCUKUMENTARY, Japan was under a typhoon warning. Rain poured down and the wind blew loudly. Hours before the concert began, Tree J sent out a tweet to Eels, warning them to be careful because of the typhoon and to take public transportation if at all possible. Many Eels stayed in their hotel rooms or at home as long as possible to avoid the inclement weather. Nevertheless, thousands of Eels filed in to see Keun Chan in concert.

And flowers poured in for him.

Even Collecte de Zikzin Shop got into the action with their post on IG about the merchandise being sold at the show and at the AP shop, as well as posters and banners posted at the venue announcing the sale of Voyage.

 Koari, too, got into the action. They posted a photo on IG of a wall inside the venue covered with Rockumentary posters.

Starting the day, Jang Keun Suk entered the Hall to rehearse with his band.

Tree J sent out a tweet to build up the excitement and get everyone in the mood. Kuen Chan's Official Japanese Fan Club joined in with their own tweet as did the band’s drummer.

treej_company170704 ROCKUMENTARY

리허설을 마치고... 마음 속으로
"힘내"라고 말해보았습니다

공연장에서 만나요! 
English translation: 170704 ROCKUMENTARY YOKOHAMA DAY 1

At the end of his mind he said,"Come on."
See you at the venue.

jksjapan 横浜初日リハーサル~!!! 1人で舞台を背負っている親分の背中はなんだか頼もしく見えます。 みなさん今日もたくさんの応援よろしくお願いします!^^ 横浜公演もLEZGO~!! 
English translation: Rehearsal of the first show in Yokohama ~ !!!
The back of our boss who carries a stage all alone seems kind of reliable.
We would like you to give him a lot of support today as well! ^ ^
Yokohama Show, LEZGO ~!!

junyong.quak #수고했어오늘도 
#일본 #요코하마 #아레나
#크다 #사람 #많다 
#drum #drums #drumset 
#drummer #concert 
English translation: I worked hard #Japan #Yokohama #arean #big #people #many #drum #drums @drumset #drummer @concert

The drummer later stated that Keun Chan was the best entertainer, singer and performer around from his experience.

When everyone was seated, the show began.

Jang Keun Suk hired percussionists to join his bandspe for his Yokohama shows. As the show began and the beginning video played, the percussionists blew their horns. The trumpets announced Jang Keun Suk!!!

yokanstudio 今宵は
横浜アリーナ 2Days 初日
#YOKAN #yokanlive #チャングンソク #楽しかった #ライブ #yokohamaarena #横浜アリーナ #2days初日 #jks #trumpet
Yokohana Area 2 Days first day
Ultra fierce excitement ended...
People who came today,
Please be careful with the typhoon 3 and go home
Thank you very much...

So, okay, we only have the trumpeter's comments from the end of show...but, hey! "Ultra fierce excitement!" Not exactly mild comments from the person blowing the trumpet. 

It seemed throughout the concert that Keun Suk was in a retrospective and reflective mood, perhaps because he was not feeling well. Or maybe because the theme of this concert was about all the years of Cri Shows. After all, Jang Keun Suk began his first Cri Show in Tokyo and every Cri Show thereafter began in Japan, either in Tokyo or Osaka. In any case, he spoke to the audience much as he would have if he were talking to them in his own living room. The conversation, from his side of it, was intimate and revealing, with his feelings and emotions clearly on his sleeve (eg., openly apparent and showing).

He said that when he arrived in Yokohama, he had a sore throat that concerned him so he want to the hospital to deal with it. He was afraid that being sick would prevent him from carrying through with the concert. He decided to persevere and do his best. Although the weather was gloomy and many among the audience were wet from standing outside in the storm and Keun Suk himself wasn’t feeling well, he proved the old adage that “the show must go on.” And that he did.

Light up the stage
cr: JKS musican uploader

More than one eel reported, “He persevered, he said, with the power from eels.
He said it was "like when you meet a girl but feel that you cannot persevere [i.e., hang on, keep going, or keep moving, etc.], I cannot feel like that with eels.'" His sense of responsibility towards his Eels overcame his feeling of illness. He had to persevere.

He believed, that no matter how he felt, he must continue with the show and show his Eels how much they mean to him. And that he did. He never let them down, and they appreciated all his effort, even knowing his was ill.

Towards the end of the show, he again told his audience how much they meant to him, how much they kept him moving forward, even though he and they were growing older and changing, and that he wanted to have many more Cri Shows with them, saying up to 10 or more Cri Shows. Many artists do derive energy and satisfaction from their audiences, but Keun Chan seems to get more than that feeling. He truly does get his energy and ambition to move forward from the love and appreciation of his Eels.

He added that he wanted to have another Cri Show, in September, following the release of his new album, Voyage.

As with the previous ROCKUMETARY shows in Osaka, he was interviewed. During the interview, he revealed that put one over on this staff, telling them he got his tan (which may Eels and other have previously mentioned) overseas. In reality, he said, he got his tan at a tanning salon in Japan. So now we know, his blonde hair and tanned body - a la the surfer look - were specifically designed by him to evoke memories of his earlier years. Remember them?

Talk about sex appeal!!!! Woosh! Dugan, Dugan!!!!


Again he changed up his costumes for the last two segments of the show.

But let's back up just a moment. During tone of the last segments, probably the last one, the audience began chanting “take it off” over and over again, meaning his black coat…and probably his sleeveless black t-shirt as well. Somewhat embarrassed, he told them, “”.  But finally relented and dropped his jacket off his shoulder. Eels grinned, applauded and generally were thrilled. Sometimes he can’t help himself. He’s trying so hard to retrain his eels to stop expecting bare physicality, but they refuse to give up...and he can't quite refuse to their demands. So off his shoulder his black coat went.

But because of the heat and his general activity, he eventually removed his jacket entirely to reveal a black t-shirt.

When he reached the last part of the show where he was about to sing Voyage, he said, “Voyage has a lot of JKS LOVE in it and something of the sand on beach from the hotel in Fukuoka. What kind of person can receive love so much? The lyrics were made from the feelings of my loved ones, those who love me. Try to see the lyrics well. Because I wrote [them] to you.”

Before the end of the show, Keun Chan once again affirmed his love for his Eels and asked them to continuing following him in the future. He also begged them to return home safely. 

After the show, Keun Chan retired to his dressing room, and the show ended. No further announcements were made, probably because of the typhoon. Everyone wanted the audience to get home safely.



  1. Read the report with with eyes full of tears throughout and I am sorry for it now that I was not born in Japan or Korea.
    JKS thank you love your fans this much.

  2. How the prince is possible in order is ? The last concert is beginning.Trust in him that will succeed

  3. He's clearly pushing himself harder than he should, but he can't help but give everything he's got to his eels in his concerts. Ah...we're so greedy - we let him run himself into the ground - kkk. Thanks for your indispensable summaries, KT!


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