Tuesday, August 1, 2017

[Instagram] Jang Keun Suk admires another Prince - 2017-08-01

When JKS first posted these two images, he just wrote 인생캐릭터😏. But apparently after reading Eels comments asking why the images, he amended his post to include "Karl Lichter von Randoll".

[Edit note: See below the images for more detailed information.]

_asia_prince_jks 인생캐릭터😏 Karl Lichter von Randoll 
English translation: Life character

In Hanguel, "life character" can be interpreted as meaning someone most or greatly admired.

The images of anime character JKS posted are from an anime series, Future GPX Cyber Formula, that aired in Japan in the 1991. The series storyline focuses on formula-one racing and, more specifically, formula-one race car drivers. Karl Lichter von Randoll enters the series well after it began. He's a prince and the eldest, albeit 14-year old, son of very wealthy parents from the fictional country of Austria.

Randoll excelled at all sports and endeavors until he took the challenge of Cyber Formula while chasing Asuka Sugo (one of the main characters), his love interest. Nicknamed the 'Amadeus of the Circuit' or simply 'Genius' he wins his debut race and establishes himself as a contender for the 2015 title. An early rival to Hayato Kazami (a main character) and a spoiled brat, he finds a purpose in his life through Cyber Formula and forms real, lasting friendships. As a result of his newly found purpose in life, he buys a racing car company and continues to compete, even though his parents object to his racing.

The moment he meets Asuka Sugō, he falls madly in love with her. However, he must compete for her with Hayato Kazami who was once her fiancee and about whom she still cares very much.

During a race in which the two rival lovers made a bet that the winner could kiss Asuka Sugo, Karl Lichter von Randoll's car gets pushed into the sea. Randoll survives and  goes on to compete against Hayato again. After the heated race, Hayato wins the race and the Grand Prix in the end...and winds up marrying Asuka Sugo.

Why Jang Keun Suk developed an affinity for this particular character as his "life character", we'll leave to your imagination. As for why he posted these images about an anime character, who knows.

Perhaps he just saw the series or the video game that came out based on the series and developed an affinity for the Prince character. Or maybe something else has entered expansive his imagination. What we do know is that JKS enjoys racing and has participated in the sport, although not formula one racing.


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