Wednesday, August 9, 2017

[news] Jang Keun's Suk's "Voyage" release causes excitement- 2017-08-09

JKS took a few minutes to upload a cover photo of Voyage, asking everyone to help him. Meanwhile, promotions for the album spread across the eels network, from official spots & articles by media companies to eels posting information about the album. All in all, it's been a day of great excitement for Eels everywhere. But take a look for yourself....

English translation: It is released today! Please support me!

Meanwhile, Sakigake music dropped a teaser, in which JKS said he was doing the cooking at a roof top BBQ, and implored everyone to help him [by buying his album].

And Model Press published the first part of the multi-part interview, discussing Voyage, both the origins of the song and the album, and short video.

And eels posted previews of the songs so they could be heard, including from iTunes (excluding the Western Hemisphere where it wasn't yet August 9).

Not the actual MV/ just an excerpt of the song

And posting photos from the album:


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