Saturday, August 5, 2017

[Photos} Jang Keun Suk's 30th Birthday Carnival - 2017-08-05

Jang Keun Suk's 30th Birthday Carnival officially began with companies, fan clubs and friends all posted their congratulations. 

_asia_prince_jks 왕자님 탄신일😂🤜👄💥🍷🍾🎤🎊🎉🎁❤️🔥😁 
English translation: Prince's birthday

English translation: [0804 lightening event] Actor Jang 0804 birthday celebration lightening event was finished safely! Thank you very much for your participation!
And, Happy Birthday to Jang! Forward ~ HOLE IN ONE ~ !!

English translation: [0804 Birthday] On Actor Jang 0804 2017 birthday, we sent a birthday cake and wine to the agency.

English translationn: Happy birthday. We're happy to be able to celebrate your birthday here at the Zikzin building again. We're always supporting you from far away. Even though it was so hot today, our customers stood in such a long line. Thank you very much. Those who could not shop at our place today, we would appreciate you visiting us tomorrow. Once again, happy birthday.

English translation: It is a pleasant Friday today! Today is Jang Keun Suk's birthday, the face of Doota Duty Free Shop. Please congratulate him - Happy Birthday, Keun Suk Jang - Gun Chan! Doota Duty Free Shop - Doota Duty Free Shops - Duta Duta - Dongdaemun - Doota Dduty Free Shop ...

English translation: Everlasting #prince Cool brother #Happy birthday #happy #birthday #Prince You're still the same first class person.

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English translation: Happy birthday

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  1. Your translations make the wonderful photos even more wonderful - Thanks so very much!


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