Monday, August 7, 2017

[Video] Jang Keun Suk on M-ON! MUSIC Challenge - 2017-08-07

jang Keun Suk appeared on the Japanese TV cable program M-ON! MUSIC during which he was challenged to answer a set number of questions, each within 5 seconds. Here's the video as well as a written translation.

translation cr: Tenshi Akuma

JKS: You’ll see my whole self that you’ve known seen before.
Q: Please answer within 5 seconds!
JKS: I think it’s very meaningful that I made it with my fans.
Q1: Speaking of Jang Keun Suk…?
JKS: An attractive man.
Q2: What is the most important notice written in ‘the instruction manual of Jang Keun Suk’?
JKS: Well… something that makes me sick… [time’s up]
Q3: Speaking of ‘throb of the heart’…?
JKS: Something that throbs heart? Jang Keun Suk!
Q4: What is the best way to make you happy when you feel down?
JKS: Story of cars.
Q5: What is the tips to enjoy JKS’ concert more?
JKS: Well… Just leave it to me.
Q6: Mention what you like as many as possible.
JKS: Car… Golfing…
Q7: Mention what you don’t like as many as possible.
JKS: [Time’s up]
Q8: You’re the only person who hasn’t yet served a meal that you ordered. What would you do?
JKS: I’d go to pick it up.
Q9: What would you try to make your beloved one pay attention to you?
JKS: I’d show her my seriousness.
Q10: What is the most difficult Japanese that you know?
JKS: Ah! (Writing/Reading) Chinese characters.
Q11: What kind of kids were you?
JKS: A pretty boy. Attractive.
Q12: When do you think ‘I’m beautiful’?
JKS: Now. Always.
Q13: Where do you want to go for ‘Voyage’ now?
JKS: Well… Hawaii.
Q14: You called out to an acquaintance, but you found you were mistaken. What would you do?
JKS: I’d apologize. “I’m sorry.”
Q15: If you encountered aliens, what would you do?
JKS: I’d ask them to take me to outer space.
Q16: Say something to your fan who failed to losing weight.
JKS: Look in the mirror at yourself.
Q17: Tell us what you are fussy about.
JKS: I’m always serious (about everything).
Q18: If your friend broke up with his girlfriend, what would you say to him?
JKS: “Is it true? Forget about it. There are many beautiful girls in the world.”
Q19: Please show your best face in conclusion.
JKS: [smile with flying kiss]
Staff: That’s all for today. Thank you.
JKS: It was tough to answer quickly.



Thank you for sharing with us, Cri!