Thursday, September 28, 2017

[instagram] Jang Keun Suk adds 3 photos to his IG - 2017-09-28

Yesterday, JKS held the first of his two Zepp shows. The first one was in Toyko; the second one, tonight on the 28th, he'll hold the in Osaka.

Note: This first instagram post was taken before the Zepp show in Tokyo.

_asia_prince_jksZepp Tokyo γ„γΎγ™γπŸ€œ 
English translation: Now
Note: This photo was posted while at Zepp, as the show was about to get underway.

English translation: Apparently, there's no definitive definition of this word in Japanese, even though it appears to translate to "Ho".
Note: He's on the Shinkansen high speed train from Toyko to Osaka. It only takes an hour or two to make the journey. Since he used an emoji of the train, he may be saying that's the sound of the train or commenting on how fast it travels.


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