Saturday, September 30, 2017

[Instagram] Jang Keun Suk shows his serious side - 2017-09-30

JKS updated his IG account with a photo of him singing on the Music Fair show in Japan which airs on October 7th.

Notice his facial expression. It's so serious. He's really paying attention to the music. Although we all love the side of JKS that plays, teases, and delights us, when it comes to music he's really serious.

He craves being the best because being the best is part of his personality. So, he works hard to be the best at whatever he does. Sometimes he's underrated because he plays, teases, and jokes so much. But beneath that jovial exterior that eels want to see continuously is a person completely dedicated to perfection at whatever he does.

Because he does work so hard at that perfection behind the scenes where few, if any see him, he's often underrated as all "bluff"(i.e., all talk and no action).  But his dedication to perfection (which he's strived long and hard to attain) shows up in photos such as this one in which he's paying such close attention to the music.

That's the mark of true musician!

_asia_prince_jks Work hard😏 


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