Saturday, September 30, 2017

[photos] Jang Keun Suk returns home from Japan - 2017-09-30

Following his activities in Japan this week, including recording the Music Fair show and both ZEPP performances, JKS returned to Korea. The photos are in no particular order and were taken at both Gimpo in Seoul and in Osaka.

On a side note: JKS rarely smiles or waves at his fans at Gimpo because of the mob situation there. Normally, he tries to rush through the airport with his his head down and a concentrated look on his face,  in an attempt to prevent any incidents in which an Eel might be injured. (He doesn't want to feel responsible for someone being injured because that person came to see him, nor does he want any person to be injured as a result of being there because of him.) So, it's particularly gratifying that upon his arrival at Gimpo, he broadly grinned behind his face mask and waved to his Korean fans.

cr: various uploaders


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