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[video] Jang Keun Suk on "Let's compare all tonight" - 2017-09-12

Another show JKS taped while in Japan and partially filmed at his home in Seoul just aired on Sept 6th. Filmed for the Konkurabe TV show, Let's compare all tonight otherwise known as Trio The Perfectionists: 2 women and 1 man, on Nippon TV, the variety show takes an extensive and in-depth look at JKS' home and life style at home. Most interesting is the difference between the My Ear Candy representation of his home and that of this show. JKS is far more candid with the Japanese show than with the Korean show...or maybe the production companies of the two shows chose to focus on different aspects of his lifestyle.

During the show, JKS demonstrated his MI MI dance which he said he uses when he goes to clubs to pick up women.

Moreover, he had a great time demonstrating the dance.

Nevertheless, in this show, the moderator chose an entirely different focus than the one on My Ear Candy, In My Ear Candy, the PD focused on JKS' personality whereas the this Japanese production appears to have focused on JKS' extravagant lifestyle...and even referencing JKS' self-indulgence over and over again by noting among other thing the long entrance hallway in which JKS has numerous pictures of himself, his over 100 pairs of shoes lined up inside the entrance of his condominium, and the Fendi rug, to which when asked the cost JKS replied, "About a million yen [$9,146 USD]", as well as JKS' extensive clothing and cosmetic spaces, including the bathroom in which JKS said that when he receives low alcohol content sake he puts in his bath water because it make his skin smoother and fresher looking. High alcohol content sake he drinks.

JKS recounted that he converted a least one bedroom into closet space for all his clothes, including the seven or so bathrobes he counts out in the video. As an added piece of trivia, JKS said he doesn't cut off the price tags on his clothes because the tags make him feel like he's wearing newly purchased clothes. Hmmmm.....

Additionally, he remarked that he likes wearing bathrobes at home (don't we all!?!), which is what he's wearing throughout most of this show. But what is most amusing is his saying that his favorite piece of clothing is an old pair of very short cutoffs. (Later in the show, another guest, a Japanese women who has worked in Hollywood for a long time, mentions that one of her biggest or greatest dislikes is men wearing extremely short shorts. JKS broke up laughing, with some embarrassment.)

In addition, he knocked out a wall, turning two rooms into one to make his home theater room.  In this scene the moderator appears to mock JKS watching a video of his Rockumentary concert and singing along with it as a form of self-indulgence. Apparently, JKS failed to clarify why he watches his own videos - which to him, as he said in My Ear Candy, provides him with a way to analyze his performances and change those aspects of them that don't work.

The moderator throughout appears to note both JKS' perfectionist quality continuously comments on JKS' love of himself, including JKS having over 100 fragrance enhanced candles to keep his home smelling young and fresh. JKS said he doesn't like the smell of homes of single men 30 years old or older.

After noting JKS' perfectionist quality in vacuuming his rug following clipping his nails, the moderator goes on to talk about JKS dancing in his living room wherein JKS jumps, dances, and finally lands on his couch. JKS explained that he often dances at home and that jumping is part of his dancing. 

According to Model Press' review of this show, when asked about whether or not he invited women into his home, he averted the question with, "I don't know Japanese."  While drawing laughter, JKS effectively avoided answering the question. However, JKS again noted the difference between the Japanese and Korean celebrity dating styles in which Koreans are far more open and honest in who they're dating than Japanese celebrities.

The video next shows JKS cooking. The moderator also kindly notes that JKS has written his own cookbook. [The recipes are quite good. I've tried a few of them.]

JKS again replied he is a great cook and doesn't trust anyone to do the barbecuing. He has to do it himself. Apparently, he remodeled the top of he Tree J building to be place where he can do outdoor barbecues.

The last part of the video shows JKS in the basement gym of his building working out with his boxing trainer. Yes, his building has a basement gym.

JKS part only of the video:


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