Tuesday, September 12, 2017

[Video] Jang Keun Suk on Okaberro in Japan - 2017-09-12

Sorry I've been away for so long. My computer had both software and hardware issues that required it go into the shop for repair. The repairs are now completed...and there's lots to report. So, let's dive into the last couple of weeks of Keun Suk's public life and events. 

When Jang Keun Suk was in Japan for his Rockumentary concerts, he taped several shows. Some you've already seen posted here. However, on August 26, the Kansai Fuji Television variety show Okabero aired it's previously taped show with JKS as their primary guest.

According to a review in Oricon News, he was the show's first foreign guest. The program was set up in the dining bar of Ninety Nine, near the television station with Okamura Takahashi, the owner of the cafe, and Tamura Ryo, age 71, who is a famous Japanese actor from Kyoto.

During their discussion, JKS again reiterated that he became interested in and influenced by Japan and Japanese music, in particular the music of SMAP, while he was was middle school student.  [Their influence and the influence of a couple of other Japanese groups are what led him to study Japanese and introduce himself to Japan.]

When asked what he saw as the difference between the Korean and Japanese entertainment business, he  explained that in Korea it’s natural for managers to be with their client 24-hours a day whereas in Japan, managers leave their client at the end of the scheduled day. He joked that he dare not fire his manager because his manager knows all his private secrets. Thus, JKS joked, he pays special attention to compliment his manager and Tree J President. In response, Ryo said, “Today, I came alone, changed my clothes alone, and had four boxed lunches.” Thus, illustrating the difference between the two entertainment business cultures.

In addition to their discussion, JKS showed the two men how to prepare and cook Korea’s Military Stew. This dish originated during or after the Korean War when food shortages were rampant throughout So. Korea. However, the US military provided military rations to the citizens to keep them from starving. Although many different recipes for this stew exist today, the three essential ingredients are SPAM, hot dogs, and Korean red pepper paste, Gochujang.

JKS again spoke lightly of his ability to eat hot peppers, as he has in the past, and invited the two men to eat a raw pepper as he was doing. Although they accepted his challenge with the obvious result of an overheated palette and throat, JKS went one further with his DoS prank. He squeezed a small amount of hot pepper sauce he called “Capsaicin” (the active ingredient in hot peppers and what makes them hot) onto a spoon and ate it. He, then, squeezed a bit again onto the spoon on and had the men try it. Given JKS' lack of response to the hot peeper sauce, the men ate it. At that point, the two men were in agony and apparently said, “I want Soju.” The staff provided a bottle which JKS opened with a flourish.

The accompanying video of the show is subbed in Spanish, by Joyce Sulbaran of the Lobas de Sukkie fan club. [NOTE: I've not yet found an English translation of the show.]



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