Thursday, October 19, 2017

[Charity] Jang Keun Suk's Cri-J "role model for fan clubs" - 2018-10-19

Aeshindongsan posted their thanks to Cri-J on their IG and Facebook accounts. Cri-J for the second year, donated part of the proceeds from the Photo Exhibition to Aeshingdongsan, a shelter for abandoned, abused, and neglected dogs.

aeshindogscats[애신동산 소식 : 장근석 팬클럽 크리제이 기부!]
매년 애신동산을 위해 후원금 기부와 보호소 정기봉사를 해주시는
장근석 배우님의 팬클럽 크리제이(Cri J)
올해도 어김없이 장배우님의 🎂생일기념 사진전의 수익금의 일부를 애신동산에 기부해 주셨습니다.😭
덕분에 애신동산 아이들이 ☃️겨울을 대비해 💪체력을 키울 수 있도록
에이스 사료가 아닌 램스피아 사료를 더 많이 먹일 수 있게 되었어요.
(에이스=15kg 13,800원 / 램스피아=20kg 28,500원)
팬클럽 선행의 모범사례로 꼽히는 크리제이!
🇰🇷한국은 물론, 해외팬들까지 장배우님의 생일마다
"News from Aeshindongsan: Donation from Jang Keun Suk fan club CriJ..
Every year actor Jang Keun Suk’s official fan club CriJ gives donations and provide regular service at the shelter. This year too as usually they donated a part of the proceeds from actor Jang’s 🎂 birthday commemorative photo exhibition to Aeshindongsan. 😭
Thanks to them Aeshindongsan’s kids ☃️ can eat more of «Ace» and «Raemsepia» food to develop their physical strength 💪 in order to prepare for the winter. 
(Ace=15 kg 13,800 won/Raemsepia=20kg 28,500 won) 
Cri-J is a role model for fan clubs who do good deeds! 
It’s become a culture that fans in 🇰🇷 Korea, and also fans from abroad give donations more than they give gifts to actor Jang for his birthdays.
 Aeshindongsan is not the only one in the world who needs a culture like this. There are many others who need help, it would be good if a helping hand could touch them.🙏
Once again we are deeply grateful to actor Jang and Cri-J!!"

[translation credit: Zoe]


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