Friday, October 27, 2017

[event] Jang Keun Cri Show IV Day 2 Yokohama- 2017-10-27

Day 2 in Yokohama in pictures....

But first, the Koari photos from Day 1.

treeJ_company171025 Voyage yokohama 2day 공연장으로 향하는 장배우! 장어님들을 위해 건사마에게 부탁한 파파라치 컷! 창문 밖을 바라보는 그윽한 옆모습을 찍어달라 했건만 오는 내내 저 모습이었다고...
English translation: 171025 Voyage Yokohama 2day
Actor Jang heading for the venue!
We asked Gun-sama for his paparazzi photo for eels!
We asked him to take his side face looking out of window silently,
But he kept being like that all the way….

_asia_prince_jks171025 Voyage yokohama 2day 같은 하늘 아래 있는 모든 장어님들에게 보냅니다! 생생한 파파라치 영상 (장배우는 연습 중) 
English translation: Sent to all Eels who are under the same sky! Vibrant paparazzi video
(Actor Jang practicing)

The concert was arranged to follow the cover themes on the album plus the Encore. Thus...
Photos: credit Koari.Kr

First theme: Joy/Sun [Opening costume]

Second theme: Anger/Moon

Third theme: Sorrow/Stars [photo from Day 1]

Fourth theme: Pleasure/Wind


jksjapan Crishow4 Voyage tour はじまりの都市!横浜公演が終わりました^^ まだまだ続くBon voyage~!! 
English translation: Crishow4 Voyage tour The first city! Yokohama shows ended successfully ^^
It goes on and on. Bon voyage~!!

treeJ_company 171025 Voyage yokohama 2day 공연을 마치고, 반성회 후두염에 시달리는 H실장을 위해 그의 발언을 저지하는 장배우 ㅋㅋ 어제는 모두가 힘을 모아주셨습니다 덕분에 한결 앞으로 나아간 보야지 앞으로의 여행도 잘 부탁드립니다!
English translation: 171025 Voyage Yokohama Day 2 At review meeting after the show
As Heung Ro GM was suffering from a sore throat, Actor Jang stopped his remarks. kk
Yesterday everyone united their strength for the show.
Thanks to that, voyage tour has been improved step by step.
Please look forward to the upcoming voyages!

English translation: See you soon!



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