Wednesday, October 25, 2017

[Event] Jang Keun Suk's Cri Show IV Day 1 in Yokohama - 2017-10-24

As always when JKS hold a concert, it's hard to know where to begin. We don't have any fan accounts yet to help describe what the first performance of Cri Show IV was like, and most of the Twitter commentary is in Japanese - a language we're sorely lacking in fluency. But from what we do know, the show started on time and lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes.

JKS sang all of these songs and the audience was thrilled:

For you ~ Reason why I can do my best ~

Let me cry
Please, my bus!
Beautiful change
I want to hold you

How about a graduation trip to see you

In my dream
Do not be afraid

let's go home

As in the MV for Voyage, he instructed the audience to wave, left to right and back again. And he carried on some conversation as he always does. The contents of his dialogue are confusing for this non-Japanese speaker, so I'll wait to report on that until I have better information. However, he was apparently very funny and had the audience, when not singing along with him, in constant gales of laughter.

But let's start at the beginning. First of all, the hall was not as large as compared to most in which he's performed so it was fully sold out, with many Japanese eels who are used to going to every one his local performances, only being able to attend one rather than both in Yokohama. As for the size of the audience, well, here's a picture of the audience crowding the entrance to get inside.

Once inside the venue, they were greeted with a row of bouquets....

and these banners.

credit: Koari Korea

As we all know, no photos are allowed once inside the venue, especially after the show begins. And Japanese Eels are very good at following this rule. However, they did take photos of the ribbons that rained down upon them during the show and the wrist bands for the show.

The ribbons and wrist bands have a special significance. When JKS held his first Cri Show, those ribbons and bracelets said, "The beginning". The new ones for Cri Show IV said, "A next beginning," heralding what many J-eels tweeted was a more mature, manly Jang Keun Suk. The ribbons themselves, like the one pictured above, reads "A new voyage of you and me."

He wore four different costumes, but one in particular received special attention.

It seems the v-neck of the shirt stretched down quite far. Ahem!!! No, we won't go into detail as to how far, but many eels were quite, shall we say, appreciative. JKs remarked, at one point, that "Japanese girls are shy, but Eels are hot. It's so hot in here." Or something close to that.

Apparently, some staff mix up occurred about his towels - the ones he uses and throws at the audience - about which Tree J tweeted at the end of the show. However, J-eels didn't notice and were quite confused by the tweet.

treeJ_company 장어님들에게 타올을 던져줄 때의 상냥함과 번뜩이는 센스로 스탭의 잘못을 덮어주신 장배우님께 감사드립니다 더욱 멋진 무대 만들도록 노력하겠습니다 

English translation: We would like to thank actor Jang for covering up the staff's mistake with a  kindness and sparking sense when he threw his towels at them. We are grateful to him. And we will try harder to make the shows more wonderful.

After the show ended, JKS posted a selfie on his IG. He was back in his red cap again in the photo, with his finger vertical to his lips, telling Eels to be quiet about his secret.

English translation: My wish....

It seems JKS told his audience, during the concert, something that he said was a secret. So, his IG and Twitter post were a reminder to them to keep his secret. They seem to be following his instruction. Thus, far there's no hint what that secret is. Of course, we can always speculate...a new drama, the date of his entry into the military, a short tour.... Aigoo, the possibilities are endless! Yes, nail-biting time!

The band, comprised of all Korean musicians, are working with JKS on Cri Show IV.

The band's drummer, Junyong Quak, posted to a selfie, which includes another band member, on his IG account of their leaving Gimpo for Yokohama. Cute boys.

Some of the tweets from the audience indicated that the arrangements of some of songs were different than what had been recorded. That's understandable. The recordings of some of Voyage featured what sounds like a xylophone. No xylophone accompanied JKS on stage, given this list of musicians.

After the concert, JKS took a photo with Akiyama's wife, which she (Shiho Yano) posted. Akiyama, his wife, and their daughter, Sarang, who recently celebrated her 6th birthday and absolutely loves JKS, attended the show, sitting next to Gun-sama.



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