Sunday, October 22, 2017

[event] Jang Keun Suk's Tree J hosts Japanese eels - 2017-10-22

On October 21, Japanese Eels were treated to a special, private party at Tree-J and Cafe PLENO. The party was held on the second official tour by the JKS Japan Fanclub. The following are English translations of one Japanese Eels tweets about the event.


JKS appeared at Halloween Party at Cafe PLENO last night!!

Our Halloween party started at 9 last night at Cafe PLENO.
JKS made a surprise visit to the party.
Even staff members didn’t know he would come and we were really surprised!
JKS was dressed in everyday clothes. He went to practice for Cri Show 4 after his short stay at the party.

After dinner we got dressed at our hotel and headed for Cafe PLENO.
First we visited the studio upstairs. (Note: It’s Tree J’s studio where Kurt and JKS make music.)
Halloween party started at nine.
When we entered the cafe, we were given masks. Each mask was different and everyone including all the staff members wore them.
There was a rule at the party: When JKS’ music starts playing, we have to dance  even though we are eating.
It was a lot of fun!

JKS wore sunglasses and a hat (a cap).
He also danced, kind of shyly, in the dance segment.
After dancing he took off the sunglasses and greeted us.
He didn’t take off the hat, so we have no idea what kind of hairstyle he had.
JKS was slim, his face was small and he looked great!

At Cafe PLENO the costume JKS wore for Team H’s Halloween Parties was displayed.
I got a mask and also one of the balloons displayed at the cafe.
JKS’ grandmother, mother and aunt also attended the party.
The gold mask in one of the photos is the one I received at the party.

Photos from Weibo and Twitter.
Special thanks to @sayokorabbit for her wonderful tweets!!
Translation cr: Yachan


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  1. Halloween decorations are real! It looks like it was a fun time! I hope the next opportunity


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