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Jang Keun Suk praised by industry on his MUSIC FAIR performance 2017-10-10

Again posting JKS' performance on MUSIC FAIR after which please read what others wrote:

 A big thank you to Rossi Yan, a member of the TEF board, for bringing this to our attention so we can share it with you....

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A Chinese eel (Neineilove) living in Yokohama has translated comments from many sources. She once said that if Ozaki sang I Love You with his life, then JKS sings the same song with his soul.

The following extract comes mainly from Weibo@Neineilove.

Please feel free to translate into your languages to be shared with eels all over the world as long as you credit Neineilove.

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PART 1 (Comments from non-eels)

After "Music Fair" on 7 Oct 2017, he received praises from musicians, singers, anchor (Emcee), magazine editor, photographer, Ozaki fans, K-POP fans, general public and eels, of course.

A Japanese blogger: He often said that he would not let us regret choosing him, I rather say that I made the right choice by choosing him. I’m so proud of my choice. Those who had seen him when he first burst into the scene (referring to Japanese entertainment circle) would not be able to stay calm if they see him now. Shocked by his fluency in Japanese, how smart and interesting he can be and impressed by his singing. Seeing these, no-one would think he became famous overnight, it is his hard work that brought him this far. Over the years, eel have walked with him, united in mind and action.


1. He looks so beautiful singing Ozaki song, where does this angel come from?

2. JKS sings so well and this person is fluent in Japanese. 

3. JKS is really great, he can converse and also laugh at the right time!
4. Good looking, sings well, quick witted, with sense of humour, sincere when talking about serious topics, able to read the surrounding, presents himself well when he sings, what else is needed? 

5. My daughter said: Keun-chan should continue singing ILOVEYOU, I will only look at Keun-chan this life. 

6. JKS Japanese is so perfect, has he been living in Japan all the while? 

7. He sings so well, his voice is very nice. I have not seen him sing before (after recommendation from other eels, this person decides to buy his album and apply for his concert ticket),
8. Will faint if he says "Congratulations, you have become my fans” 

9. K-POP fan: Seeing Keun-chan speaks Japanese so fluently, I know him as an actor but did not know that he sings so well. (Her friend): Do you want to give up your idol and come to Yokohama to see him? Ans: I will consider attending his concert. 

10. JKS has long legs 

11.JKS sings really well! Although I hate HG people, I like him! (After that this blogger also said he hopes JKS can sing different cover versions of songs and cut into an album) 

12. Did not expect JKS to have such deep mellow voice, such a contrast when he was in variety programme. 

13. JKS is not only handsome, sings well, his talk show is also interesting, I understand now why he is so popular.
14. (Industry personnel) JKS on TV…I was startled by his good looks, his fluent Japanese, I know of him in YAB and he is still so beautiful, really good in the chat segment too.

15. (TVXQ Fan): Keun-chan is amazing. Be it variety or music programs, he did everything well on his own to give such good performance, he is flexible and has an alert mind, has to be dedicated in giving to achieve all these. Retaining characteristics of a foreigner without any disgust, he has good grasp of this balance, this is his strength and I take my hat off to him. 

16. Korean singers always sing in a sexy way deliberately, I do not like, but JKS I like! He’s balance unlike the kind who sings well and projects “I-can-sing-so-well” arrogant attitude. 

17. Turned on the TV to see JKS singing Otaki’s I LoveYou. Praise his singing, chat segment is very interesting.

18. My husband exclaimed, “JKS can sing so well, shocking”.

19. Someone commented she recognized one of the musicians.

20. JKS is so handsome I can melt. Has not found him handsome before, he looks gorgeous now.

21. A singer: The next time I meet my fans, I am going to use the line, “Congratulations, you have become my fans”. Must also blink my eye, I need to practice first.

22. Public: JKS sings so effortlessly, ILOVEYOU is a difficult song to sing. Eel replied: You will cry if you hear him sing LIVE. Public: If there is a chance, I want to attend his concert. 

23. JKS is singing on TV now, oh no, too handsome.

24. His name is ranked 3rd on discussion board. Each time he appears on TV, his name is always up there. Otaki is great, so is JKS. 

25. Sings so well, doesn’t sound like Koreans.

26. JKS sings so well, I want to exchange XXX (lead singer from a national pop group) for JKS.

27. What is remarkable is not that he sings well or his fluency in Japanese. It is his ability to convey the emotion of the lyrics that is astonishing.
28. Anchor/Emcee: Speaking Japanese, his choice of respectful words is impressive, sings well, can engage audience in a conversation, heard that his English is also good, this is Keun-chan!
29. A famous male fashion magazine writer said that he once worked with JKS and during work, they hummed (sing-along) "Love Rain"

After seeing him sing Ozaki Yutaka's I Love You, do you agree with these comments? What would you add?



  1. I was much more pleased with the performance of our prince. Everything is written in the posts. Unfortunately, I did not quote the lyrics to I Love You. Thank you very much for the report.

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