Wednesday, November 29, 2017

[Instagram] Jang Keun Suk relaxed in Sapporo after a safe arrival with a beer - 2017-1-29

JKS arrived safely in Sapporo...and to celebrate that arrival, he chose to drink a Sapporo beer, a world renowned brand.

_asia_prince_jks Welcome drink in Sappro city🤜 


[video] Jang Keun Suk heads to Sapporo for Cri Show IV - 2017-11-29

JKS is all bundled up against the cold on his trip to Sapporo for his next performances of Cri Show IV. But his beautiful smiles and waves can't be hidden.

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At Sapporo

[photos] Jang Kuen Suk leaves Seoul for Sapporo Cri Show IV performances - 2017-1129

Yesterday, JKS left Seoul for Sapporo for another Cri-Show IV. All bundled up against the cold in Korea, he still looked so cute and smiled so brilliantly to his Eels at both the Seoul and Sapporo airports. Every time JKS bows so formally to his Japanese Eels upon arrival and his slight but meaningful bows to Korean Eels upon his return to Korean shows how much he appreciates each and every one of them.

He has a smile that could light up a thousand lamps!

photo cr: as noted, uploaders to Weibo, Twitter, Facebook and IG

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

[Instagram} Jang Keun Suk has fun with IG update - 2017-11-22

Yeah, he is! And he loves playing games with his Eels. 😂😂😂

_asia_prince_jks #rockstar 


[Charity] Jang Keun Suk's Bar China plants a million trees - 2017-11-22

JKS Bar China planted a million trees in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in honor of JKS. Thank you, Chinese Eels, for your hard work and dedication not only to JKS but to our planet as well. We love you!!! @AsiaPrince_JKS


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

[CF} Jang Keun Suk in video call for Doota Duty Free - 2017-11-21

#JangKeunSuk #Doota From JKS' latest video ads for Doota Duty Free:

Call from JKS: "Hello, I am JKS Don’t go on diet anymore, let’s have lunch. I had brought some gifts from Doota, what do you like?"

Link: …


[video] Jang Keun Suk exhibits master skill in film review - 2017-11-21

We all know by now that JKS is in his last year as a PhD student of Film and Drama at Hanyang University in Seoul. We also know that he's been awarded two major prestigious awards for his short films. But until yesterday (Nov. 20, 2017), we had no idea that he was regarded by the Korean film industry as anything other than a "flower boy" actor.  JKS broke that stereotype when he appeared in a Naver video review of the Chinese film,  Hello, My Soul Mate.

 It is impossible for us to state why he, among all the many major Korean actors that exist, was chosen. Perhaps because he's finishing up his PhD studies at Hanyang. Perhaps because of his finely honed ability to analyze a film as a result of his PhD program and his own innate abilities and interest in film. But whatever the reason, the fact remains that he was chosen, above all other major Korean actors, to discuss this film and it's merits...which speaks directly to his analytical abilities regarding films, his ability to make award winning films, and his ability to coherently discuss a film genre and its complexity.

This interview alone should, by all rights, disabuse people, in general, from seeing him a just another "flower boy" actor but rather to see him as s serious student of the film profession...and someone destined to star in and make legendary films in the future. 

Hello, My Soul Mate
is a Chinese (Hong Kong?) film that depicts the lives of two girls throughout their 14-year close relationship, from young girls to women. It shows their friendship in detail, from young girls through the breakup of their relationship to their coming together once again. Indeed, the OST played a big part in showing the intensity of the film, as JKS points out in his review. The film, subbed in Hangul, premiers in Korea on December 7, 2017.

The following videos are the original trailer of the film as well as the English subtitled Naver review.

Subtitles cr: JKS FanClub in Taiwan


Monday, November 20, 2017

[Announcement] Jang Keun Suk's CRI J 2018 Membership opening - 2018-11-20


빨리 빨리





Cri J has announced the 2018 membership application period.

TEF can help you join. Please follow this link and fill out the Cri-J 9 Membership application and submit it to TEF. Membership fees should be paid via PayPal, or in some cases Western Union. Contact TEF (TEF Facebook Messenger) with any questions.

Deadline for receipt of completed application form by TEF is December 2nd, 23:00 KST, but the sooner your application is received the better.


[photos] Jang Keun Suk's Kanazawa Toki Series - 2017-11-20

Throughout Cri Show IV, JKS has been sporatically using his Tokimeki Love Story photos to leave messages for Eels. Here is the series for Kanazawa, starting with day 1 (version 1).

Toki Love CRISHOW 4 KANAZAWA Day 1 version!! No. 1 Eng trans: KANAZAWA, my first visit, right? Go get them! Real men wear pink!

Toki Love CRISHOW 4 KANAZAWA Day 1 version!! No. 2 Text English translation: Today, too!! I will try my best so that we won’t have to have a review meeting. Please look forward to the show!

Toki Love CRISHOW 4 KANAZAWA Day 1 version!! No. 3 Text English translation: TODAY for sure, please synchronize your arm movements with mine!

Toki Love CRISHOW 4 KANAZAWA Day 1 version!! No. 4 Text English translation: Your, my eels’ Voyage with me has not finished yet! See you in your dreams.

Toki Love CRISHOW 4 KANAZAWA Day 2 version!! No. 1 Text Eng trans: Hello, Kanazawa! It’s cold, so please be careful not to catch a cold. Note: JKS said “Kanazawa, maido san!” Maido san means hello in Kanazawa dialect.

Toki Love CRISHOW 4 KANAZAWA Day 2 version!! No. 2 Text English translation: Since we are in Kanazawa, why don’t we try some Japanese traditional sweets and... soft-serve ice cream with gold leaf?

Toki Love CRISHOW 4 KANAZAWA Day 2 version!! No. 3 Text English translation: Thank you for coming from various places and supporting me! Let’s have fun! Note: JKS said these words in the show last night.

Toki Love CRISHOW 4 KANAZAWA Day 2 version!! No. 4 Text English translation: Eels who join my journey of life, I love you guys so much! Note: The last part of this sentence is written in Kanazawa dialect.

translation credit: Marcheneko